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Song To Start Your Week

‘Truth Hurts,’ Lizzo

‘You coulda had a bad b----, non-committal’

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Though she’s been releasing music since 2013, Lizzo has been experiencing a recent surge in popularity, performing at the 2019 BET Awards while also being nominated for best female hip-hop artist. 

“Truth Hurts” tackles the potential failure associated with relationships, but also recognizes self-worth and moving toward better options, which is mentality required if one wishes to be part of our current golden age of summer of revelry. 

As a collective celebration supporting individualism not only in one’s self but friends as well, hot girl summer is a much-needed paradigm shift after enduring the grind of academia and the professionalism associated with it.

With a catchy beat, self-assured but not pretentious lyrics, and a presentation of relationships without a sugar coating, “Truth Hurts” is a certified banger in my book. An excellent choice to enrich sunny, serotonin filled days or conversely, drag one’s self out of a slump. 

As acknowledged by Lana Del Rey, summertime can indeed be filled with sadness as opposed to its more commonly associated sentiments. Singing along to Lizzo might not prove as efficacious therapy when it comes to shooing away the sads, but it’s a decent start. We love a song for any mood.

Plus, given Lizzo’s current popularity, “Truth Hurts” can be added to the list of “safe” songs both for social gatherings and new acquaintances. Many have felt the intrinsic fear incorporated with a foreseen social death when putting on music. Well fear not, as a certified “good-ass song,” “Truth Hurts” has you covered.

Honestly, if you haven’t heard it yet, you’re probably living under a rock. So get out there, enjoy Lizzo, hot girl summer, and don’t forget to “keep it pushing like ayayayyyy.”

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