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Song to Start Your Week

‘Life Less Ordinary,’ by Carbon Leaf

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Carbon Leaf is one of my all-time favorite bands, something that my sister passed on to me, and it honestly pains me that they’re not that well-known. Sure, they’re pretty much always on tour, but they play small venues, at least as far as I can tell. Maybe that’s a good thing because there’s nothing quite like a concert where you can count the number of people in the room. 

Life Less Ordinary” is from Carbon Leaf’s 2004 album “Indian Summer,” which also contains “Grey Sky Eyes” for Seattle’s rainier days and “What About Everything?” for when you’re hit with an existential crisis in the middle of your all-nighter.

The song hits the sweet spot between sappy and upbeat. It’s easy to sing along to, but also great background music. The lyrics don’t necessarily make the most sense (“The night you came into my life / Well it took the bones of me, took the bones of me”), but the feelings are still there.

Their genre is, well, hard to describe. Carbon Leaf’s music ranges from folk-rock in the form of songs like “Bloody Good Bar Fight Song” and “The Donnybrook Affair” to something more melancholic like “The War Was In Color.” The program for a concert of theirs that I went to described them as “ether-electrified porch music” (also the title of their 1999 album), but if I’m being honest, I have no idea what that’s supposed to mean. They also have a knack for playing the pennywhistle, accordion, and “whatever else can be placed onto the stage,” according to their website, often changing instruments mid-song.

Also, they did the soundtrack to “Curious George 2: Follow That Monkey.”

Whether you need an upbeat tune to get you ready to fight the English (or your homework), something cute and romantic, or a song or two to cry to, Carbon Leaf’s got something for you.

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