Song to Start Your Week

‘Legacy (Stripped),’ Matt Maeson

An acoustic jam to remind you your time’s not up

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Song to start your week

As we approach the end of fall quarter, the feeling that time is running out weighs on me. I find myself walking to class overanalyzing everything I should be doing and stressing that I haven’t done enough. As November flies by, I’m worried about all the things I should’ve already done this year.

My quickest cure to this self-doubting spiral of thoughts is the stripped version of Matt Maeson’s song “Legacy.” Maeson, an up-and-coming alternative artist, has shared that the song is about an inspiring conversation he had with a man he met on the street.

 “The lyrics are basically me writing out everything I remember him saying,” he said in a press release.

“Legacy” is one of Maeson’s most feel-good songs by far. It’s a reminder that no matter what path you’re down or how far behind you’ve fallen, “it’s not too late to pick up the pieces.”

The song seems to be a dialogue, with Maeson telling the man that he’s too far gone to leave a mark and the man assuring him that there’s still time. This is a powerful sentiment for Maeson, whose dark past is chronicled in much of his music. 

Musically, the stripped version of “Legacy” feels like a walk in the park after dark and a cozy blanket all in one. It’s gentle, echoey riff makes me feel like I should be dramatically staring out a car window in some kind of tragic movie scene. 

But, if you’re in need of a more high-energy reminder that there’s still time for you to build or rebuild your life, the original version of “Legacy” is just that. With happy horns and an upbeat guitar, this version makes me feel like I could run a mile (which is really saying something considering I get winded on the stairs up to Red Square). 

As this quarter and this year start coming to an end and the hustle of life gets overwhelming, take Maeson’s advice and “just breathe.” You have all the time in the world to build your legacy. 

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