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Song to Start Your Week

‘Don’t Doubt ur Vibe,’ by Elon Musk

The billionaire adds music to his list of geniuses

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Elon Musk’s existence is concrete evidence that we live in a simulation. I can’t tell where the meme ends and the man begins. Throughout his career as Tesla CEO, Musk has graced us with some of the most culturally significant moments Twitter has ever seen. He has given us the podcast-marijuana scandal that drove Tesla stock down 9%, the most epic of all fails in his Cybertruck demonstration, and a tweet that’s importance cannot be overstressed. We owe the man a lot.

And now he’s done it again. Elon Musk is not only set to save the human race by colonizing Mars, he has also dropped an absolutely game-changing EDM track. Sure, the man founded one of the most coveted, full efficient vehicles on the market, but his new track “Don’t Doubt ur Vibe” far outshines that accomplishment. 

Don’t Doubt ur Vibe combines Garageband-quality beats with heavily synthesized tones that do not occur in nature. I could not name a single instrument used aside from Musk’s voice — equal parts mesmerizing and frightening — kind of like the start of a bad roll. 

The track was released on Emo G Records’ SoundCloud on Jan. 30, ten months after the release of the equally sensational RIP Harambe. Musk proudly takes credit for lyrics and vocal talent. If I live to write something as deeply impactful as four minutes of “Don’t doubt your vibe / Because it’s true / Don’t doubt your vibe / Because it’s you,” I would certainly be hyping myself on Twitter in a similar manner. 

If you are a fan of the hypnotic use of repetition in Justin Bieber’s Yummy or just rewarding rich white men for doing the bare minimum, this song is sure to be a new favorite.

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