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Film to End Your Week

‘Ocean’s Eleven,’ dir. Steven Soderbergh

A classic popcorn flick to kick off your summer

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Film to end your week

Summers are a time to recuperate, cruise, and live all the best parts of all those cheesy cliches from the books and movies we watched in high school. Summer should be classic and “Ocean’s Eleven” is director Steven Soderbergh’s classic version of the quintessential heist movie.

The film follows ex-con Danny Ocean (George Clooney) as he’s released from prison with the promise to pursue a clean and honest lifestyle. While he cleverly works his way around that promise to the sound of jumping saxophones and boldly timed brass, Danny assembles an expert crew of strange, suave characters, each just as singular as the last. With more then just money on the line, Danny and his crew meticulously plan and execute the most entertaining of hoodwinks in a flurry of fast-paced retro montages.

This atmosphere of old-school cool is the perfect blaring introduction to the heat that rises as our academic year comes to a close. The movie’s dialogue grows out of the characters’ organic interactions and bounces between them as not-quite-dishonest banter. As we all tend to do when the sun’s out and the heat is on, Danny’s eleven operatives take brazen risks to win big. Despite the stakes, neither the movie’s characters nor its tone forgo sincere fun. The result is a film that is throwback sexy, perfect to end your school year.

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