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Film to End Your Week

‘Forgetting Sarah Marshall,’ dir. Nicholas Stoller

A post-breakup vacation and a sobbing Jason Segel

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Happy Valentine’s Day.

Or maybe not? The yearly day of chocolate hearts and roses can get surprisingly complicated in the feelings department. When it comes to the spectrum of new relationship honeymooners or FOMO-filled singles, your mileage with in-your-face passion may vary.

Good news: Whether you’re in need of the heartwarming fuzziness typically offered by a romantic comedy or some cathartic post-breakup hope, “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” should be on your radar. Coming in the midst of his nine-season run on “How I Met Your Mother,” Segel wrote and starred in the hilarious 2008 ode to love’s successes and failures.

After Peter (Segel) gets surprisingly dumped by his television star girlfriend Sarah Marshall (Kristen Bell), he takes an ill-conceived solo trip to Hawaii only to run into Sarah and her rock star boyfriend (Russell Brand) at the same resort. The trip gets more complicated when Peter develops a mutual affection for the hotel clerk, Rachel (Mila Kunis).

“Forgetting Sarah Marshall” is far and away the funniest breakup film of all time (apologies to Vince Vaughn’s “The Break-Up”). Kunis carries the film with endearing, sarcastic wit, and Bell supplies far more nuance than the usually vapid rom-com antagonist, which actually sets up the rare, compelling love triangle. 

But the film truly stands above because of its absolutely stacked supporting cast. Appearances by Paul Rudd, Jonah Hill, and Bill Hader fill out the comedic lineup with a list of veritable A-listers that would go on to lead their own spectacular projects.

So, in honor of St. Valentine, check out a film suited for love’s endings and its beginnings.

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