Film to End Your Week

‘(500) Days of Summer,’ dir. Marc Webb

The perfect movie for a rainy weekend

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Film to end your week

I have a strict lazy day routine. It begins with an embarrassing amount of ice cream and always ends with a cozy showing of “(500) Days of Summer,” the most depressing romantic comedy I have ever seen. Any day I need me time, I turn to this movie. 

The 2009 film follows a pair of complicated lovers, Summer (Zooey Deschanel) and Tom (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), through the ups and downs of the 500 days they spent in each other’s lives. We’re told clearly in the beginning, however, that this is not a love story. 

Told from the perspective of hopeless romantic Tom, we witness the fantastically cheesy romance unfold non-sequentially through the use of a countdown to 500. The movie jumps seamlessly from the pair’s happiest days to their worst, all beginning with the day’s number. This format reminds you that no matter how sweet one’s lover may seem one day, that is not the full story. Ultimately, the movie highlights the issues with idealizing the person you’re crushing on, as Tom faces the consequences of his misperception of the way his love story should go. 

From the nostalgic cinematography to the perfect indie soundtrack, “(500) Days of Summer” covers all my bases. Each scene is beautifully done, using artful transitions and strong emotions to draw you into the roller coaster that is Tom’s infatuation with Summer.

Tom and Summer’s relationship is a timeless struggle between the pessimistic and optimistic sides of love, and so whatever state of love I’m in, it always hits home. It reminds me of the drama and the heartache that comes with dating, but also of the days that are so good you feel like a living music video.

This movie takes you on an emotional roller coaster, and it is my favorite movie to watch on a rainy weekend in bed. So this weekend, if you’re looking for the perfect companion to cuddle up with, look no further than “(500) Days of Summer.” 

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