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Song to Start Your Week

‘It’s Almost Halloween,’ Panic! at the Disco

Celebrate Halloween with this funky cult classic

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Song to start your week

For the past several weeks, our music recommendations here at The Daily have been all about the changing of the seasons and sadness. But it’s finally Halloweek, and now it’s time to get spooky.

Emo vibes are always appropriate for October, but this Panic! at the Disco deep cut (so deep we can’t even include it on our Spotify playlist this week because it’s only on YouTube) from the band’s Beatles copycat days is not exactly that. Instead, it’s a funky Halloween anthem, a scene cult classic that has all the same camp now, 10 years after its release. 

The chorus — “Everybody scream / It’s almost Halloween / Do the trick or treat / It’s almost Halloween” — may not be Panic! at the Disco’s most lyrically complex work, but it’s an earworm shouted out in Brendon Urie’s instantly recognizable vocals. 

According to Panic! manager Zack Hall, this song was recorded in a bathroom while the band was on tour following the release of “Pretty. Odd.” in 2008. It was conceived of, written, produced, and had a music video filmed over the course of “maybe a week to 10 days,” according to former drummer Spencer Smith. 

From that you can probably tell that “It’s Almost Halloween” is not the most put-together or well-produced song, but it is a cult classic among Panic! fans for a reason. 

Whether you’ve been celebrating Halloween since Oct. 1 or you’re waiting until Thursday, it’s finally time for this bop. After all, it’s almost Halloween. 

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