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Film to End Your Week

‘Tramps,’ dir. Adam Leon

Two strangers get lost in a con, find love along the way

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Film to end your week

Given that The Daily has been recommending spooky movies for the past month, why not kick off your November with a turn to the romantic? Grace Van Patten and Callum Turner star as Ellie and Danny in “Tramps,” an offbeat romantic comedy about two strangers whose lives intersect after a briefcase swap during a small-time con gone awry.


Written and directed by Adam Leon, the independent film originally premiered at the 2016 Toronto International Film Festival, and was acquired by Netflix in 2017. “Tramps” follows a 24 hour period in which the accidental accomplices race around New York trying to fix their mistakes and in the process, learn about each other’s motivations for getting involved in the con.

The beginning of the film introduces us to the two characters. Ellie is a couch-surfing waitress whose fierce independent streak has left her drifting between cities and jobs (both traditional and criminal). Danny, on the other hand, is a Polish-American immigrant who harbors dreams of becoming a chef but works a fast-food gig to help support his close-knit family. While Ellie becomes involved in the deal by association, Danny is drawn in after his locked-up brother Darren promises him a part of the cut if he does the job for him.

What ensues are classic deal-gone-wrong hijinks, set to the whimsical backdrop of missed train connections, secret hideaways in upstate garden sheds, and aimless wandering through empty bars and twinkling carnival grounds. As day turns into night, and night into morning, Ellie and Danny slowly let their guard down and begin to consider what sort of future, together or apart, lies beyond their fateful encounter.

Ellie and Danny’s youthful confusion and self-determination will resonate with viewers as they are drawn into the story of two unlikely partners. So snuggle up with a friend, significant other, or just a warm blanket and watch a film where all is fair in love and crime.

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