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Film To End Your Week

‘Kung Fu Hustle,’ dir. Stephen Chow

Over-the-top at its finest

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Are you sick and tired of harnessing the entirety of your IQ in a desperate attempt to unravel big-brain cinema? Well, fear not, fair reader, because I have just the film for you. 

“Kung Fu Hustle” stands at the top of all action comedies, and this is the hill I will die on. The absurdity and extravagance of the fight scenes does nothing to detract from the quality with which they were choreographed.

Let’s be honest — martial arts movies are real f---ing cool and anyone who says otherwise likely has the personality of a gourd. 

While it didn’t win any awards for most compelling plot, “Hustle” captivates viewers with the nonsensical nature of its characters. I like the landlady who just so happens to be a kung fu master, the blind, harp-playing assassins, and the protagonist Sing — played by director Stephen Chow himself — who possesses no combat capabilities for darn near the entire movie and actually spends a majority of screen time being a general nuisance to the “good” folx.

The entire cast is charming — in an unkempt and often scummy way, but charming nonetheless. 

Life is taxing enough, why be expected to decipher complex symbolism and character motivation based on background when you can simply watch nameless henchmen get kicked through several walls at once? “Kung Fu Hustle” doesn’t take itself too seriously, and I think that’s its best quality: campy to a tee and delightful because of it.

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