I have always been interested in online privacy, and I have taken steps to help keep my browsing anonymous. One step I have taken is using PureVPN’s service because I heard that the company uses a no-log audit system. But some people have been saying that they’re not sure if the company’s no-log audit is legitimate or a marketing tactic.

Do you have any insight into the matter, or an expert that can help clear things up?

No-Log audit isn’t just a trend but a great initiative by elite virtual private network services across the world. PureVPN is another top-ranking VPN which has been audited and validated by a California-based third-party auditor.

Auditing is a common practice amongst corporations as it reflects a corporate’s accountability to its clients as well as its core values. The same practice is now being followed by VPN services.

PureVPN has received a no-log certificationfrom a reputed independent auditor.

The VPN provider reportedly received rave reviews on its No-Log audit from its customers as well as top reviewers and publications in the industry. However, one reviewer stood out amongst the rest because of their detailed insights into the audit.

One of the oldest VPN reviewers on the web reached out to PureVPN with its technical questionnaires. Since the VPN provider was audited recently, it wasted no time in responding to the interview.

The first question asked was why the VPN provider chose a California-based independent auditor, Altius IT. The VPN provider responded to the question that the auditor specializes in security and privacy, is a third-party and has over 20 years of experience.

The auditor also maintains professional audit certifications such as ISACA for CISA, CRISC & CGEIT.

With regards to another question, the virtual private network provider stated, “It was an intensive end to end Audit. We allowed and provisioned all accesses for them to pick up which systems they’d want at their will. They looked at everything from our VPN servers to configurations to systems services and APIs.”

PureVPN strives to deliver the best security and privacy experience to its users. It ensures that it meets the promises it makes to its users; the VPN provider has gone all out when it comes to ensuring users’ trust.

The VPN provider also clearly mentioned that it is just a part of all what it has planned to meet and exceed users’ expectations. Last year when PureVPN revamped its privacy policy, it also ensured complete compliance to the EU GDPR. Even an elite publisher acknowledged that PureVPN was the first to be compliant with GDPR.

Apart from GDPR compliance, the VPN provider also opened its books to a community of 90,000+ ethical hackers and pen-testers when it started a bug-bounty program on BugCrowd. The move was made to assure complete transparency of PureVPN’s operations and the integrity of its services.

In the rest of the interview to the review website, PureVPN also talked about how it uses its VPN termination nodes, why it is no-log even when it comes to verifying the five simultaneous logins it offers, and more.

PureVPN isn’t the only VPN service that has been sent the questionnaire by the review website. In fact, the website has forwarded the same questionnaire to other VPN providers who have yet to come forward with their responses.

If you’re using PureVPN, the company’s no-log audit definitely seems legitimate based on third-party certification.

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