My sister is on the school’s field hockey team, and they’re looking for new and creative ways to raise money for the team. If they’re successful, their ideas may also be used by other sports teams. Aside from the usual candy selling, how else can they raise money for their teams?

Fundraising is par for the course when you’re part of a school sports team. But it’s easy to get comfortable with the usual fundraising methods that only do an “okay” job at raising money.

There are many other creative and fun ways to raise money for sports teams.

One popular fundraiser is the “Rent-an-athlete" event. With this event, members of the local community can “hire” team members to complete specific tasks, such as mowing lawns, babysitting, dog walking or cleaning the gutters. Buyers can be charged by the hour, or by task. Just make sure that the community knows why you’re raising money for the teams.

Collectively, the teams could invest in a scorers table that would allow for long-term fundraising. These digital tables do more than just display the score; they can also display advertisements. Local businesses, such as restaurants, can purchase advertising slots at games. The businesses gain increased exposure, and the team raises much-needed funds.

Another way to raise money is to sell branded merchandise, particularly at games. Teams can use a t-shirt fundraising platform, like Bonfire, to create and sell their branded t-shirts, hats and more.

Potlucks are popular fundraising events, and they can be a great way to make the community feel like they are a part of the team. The great thing about potlucks is that they’re pretty easy to organize. Simply choose a date and location, and start recruiting cooks. Just make sure that you use a signup sheet to avoid having duplicate meals at the event. You can charge an admission fee for the event, or you can charge per plate. 

Walkathons are great events for sports fundraising, and it’s an effective way to get the whole community involved. They require a bit more planning and effort, but they can raise a lot of money in a short amount of time. You'll need to choose a time and location for the event. Along with entrance costs, you can also raise money by selling branded merchandise at the event. You may need to coordinate with the city to host the event.

Another creative way to raise money during the holiday season is to host a Christmas tree delivery event. Who wouldn’t want a Christmas tree delivered right to their doorstep? Team members can deliver trees to participating members of the community. Be sure to advertise your service around the community through word-of-mouth, email and on social media. You’ll also need a car or truck that’s capable of towing the Christmas trees. 

The possibilities are endless when it comes to sports fundraisers. You’re only limited by your creativity. It may also be worthwhile to brainstorm ideas with team members to have even more options. 

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