Polyamorous relationships are becoming more and more common and they work well for many people who enjoy this type of lifestyle. In a poly relationship, you have an agreement with your partner that it is OK to see other people. In fact, some poly couples share partners or have multiple partners each at the same time. As long as you are agreed on everything and everybody is happy, there’s nothing wrong with it. Of course, every person is different and what might work for you in a poly relationship might not be so good for someone else, so it’s important to communicate your needs and know your boundaries.

Finding a Poly Partner:

If you’re dating, you might be wondering ‘how can I find a poly partner?’. Finding somebody who views relationships the same way as you do might be difficult in a world of people who tend to be against seeing other people when they are in a relationship. The best way to find a suitable partner is to sign up to a dating site and make your needs and wishes clear, to attract people who agree with that and are looking for the same.

Know Your Limits:

If you are looking to chat and get matched to Los Angeles singles in the hopes of finding a poly relationship, it’s important to know what your limits and boundaries are. Every poly relationship is different and even though there might be multiple partners involved or a ‘free pass’ to see other people, it’s important to respect your partner or partners as well. Knowing what you will and won’t put up with in a poly relationship means that you can communicate this to your potential partner as early as possible, to avoid any problems later on down the line.

Be Respectful:

Bear in mind that once you meet a poly partner, he or she might not share the exact same views as you, and your boundaries might be different. You might be fine with them doing a certain thing in the relationship but they might not feel the same way about you. It’s important to be respectful of your partner’s needs and boundaries and always talk it through with them before making any big decisions or doing something new, like seeing a new partner.

Honest Communication:

Many people think that poly relationships are the same as cheating but nothing could be further from the truth. The difference with a poly relationship is that unlike cheating which often happens behind a partner’s back, poly partners are honest and upfront about the other people that they see and what they do with other people. If you want a poly relationship, it’s important to understand that you need to be willing to communicate with your partner openly and honestly about what you want to do or what your plans are when it comes to seeing other people.

If you don’t feel like being committed to just one person is right for you, a poly relationship could be an ideal option.

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