The concept of cryptocurrency is one that even now, is still marred by controversy. But as a university student who decided to do my own research, I found out so much about cryptocurrency that made so much sense. 

Decentralized currency is the way of the future, and the more I learned about concepts and ideals like the blockchain and secure “wallets,” the more I wanted to learn how to trade and invest in cryptocurrency. It did not take long before I eventually decided that I wanted to try to get a job trading cryptocurrencies in my spare time on my college campus.

I had a few friends who were also studying business who had taken the leap and insisted that if I was smart about it and followed proven prediction methods that I could definitely earn my keep and prove that there was incredible value in trading cryptocurrency. It took me a little while to figure out the best way to approach trading cryptocurrency in a way that would not jeopardize my academic standing or my study sessions towards passing the courses I was taking at the time. When I did figure it out, everything started to fall into place.

I worked in self-imposed trading times

Because my first priority is my classes, I worked out a schedule where I could dedicate a certain self-imposed time to trading cryptocurrency. This was a time when I didn’t need to be studying my courses or sitting in classes. That said, I enrolled in a few advanced cryptography courses to make sure I knew the basic math of encryption; after all, why become a crypto trader if you don’t even know how crypto works?!

I was working hard, and I was working smart (if I do say so myself). Of course, this proved to be a learning curve and a half, but after some fine tweaking it all started to come together quite nicely.

I set up alerts on my phone for rises and falls

Despite working with self-imposed trading times, I was also aware that the trading market does not wait for anyone. If I happened to be outside of the dedicated hours I spent trading cryptocurrencies, but got an alert that a price had fallen or risen, then I could choose to act on it outside of my self-imposed hours. This was a life saver, because these alerts kept me in the loop without my having to be all over it.

I knew my limits before stepping in the ring

The single most important point that was driven into my head by my other mates at college who were also trading cryptocurrency, was to know my limits before stepping into the ring. Why?

Because it is relatively easy to cave under pressure when you do not have a set plan in motion. So, I developed a plan that I knew I could and would follow through on, and the results spoke for themselves. I knew the risks involved in trading cryptos like bitcoin, so I was disciplined to the point that I moved slowly and never bit off more than I could chew. To this day, this is the most important point there is. It always will be.