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Senior Goodbye: Sierra Stella

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When my friend Shahbaz Khan encouraged me to apply for The Daily my freshman year, I never imagined how much it would come to mean to me. Under the tutelage of then-development editor Makayla Kinsella, I found my voice as a writer and learned just how fun and empowering writing for a newspaper could be. Although I never expected to go beyond just writing, I was happy I’d decided to apply. 

When I wanted to become a copy editor, Kellyn Grassel and Sam Steele welcomed me and put up with my incessant questions. And when I applied to be Arts & Leisure editor after just one quarter of being a copy editor, then-EIC Andreas Redd was generous enough to believe in me and give me a shot.

The Daily became my community at a time when I was just finding my place at UW. It gave me the chance to grow as an editor, a boss, a coworker, a friend, and as a person. It challenged me to stay engaged with my community and not fall into complacency. Although my relationship to The Daily has changed in the past year since I left a leadership position, I will always have a special place in my heart for the junior year I spent in the newsroom working and joking around with some of my favorite people.

I want to give thanks to the folks who made my experience at The Daily a good one. Thanks to Andreas for being a thoughtful, receptive, and kind editor-in-chief, who didn’t take less than your best work and your best intentions. 

Thanks to Kellyn, Sam, and Trevor Hunt for their incredible, dedicated work as copy chiefs — I knew I always had a home at the copy desk. Thanks to Josh Kirshenbaum and Hailey Robinson for always being willing to chat about what was on my mind. 

Thanks to Sammi Bushman and Rachel Morgan — I miss our little corner of the newsroom. Thanks to Manisha Jha for your passion and your inspiring work. 

Thanks to my incredible, dedicated A&L writers for time, your thoughts, and your wonderful work. Thanks to my incredible successor, Armon Mahdavi, for your excellent leadership of my old section. And thanks to Shahbaz for getting me here in the first place. 

Thanks also, and in no particular order, to Charlie Kappes, Alec Dietz, Natalie Rand, Estey Chen, Kyle Bender, Ryan Phelan, Devon McBride, Blake Peterson, Conor Courtney, Lydia Ely, Abby Dahl, Jenna Shanker, Mac Murray, Niva Ashkenazi, and everyone else who I inevitably forgot to name. You made my time here special, and you made The Daily great. 

Sierra Stella

Arts & Leisure Editor Winter 2019-Fall 2019

Copy Editor Fall 2018

The Daily Spring 2017 - Spring 2020

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