The Daily is a completely student-run paper. All photographers, writers, designers, and editors who contribute to the paper are UW students. The paper provides a professional learning environment for aspiring journalists. It is not affiliated with the UW Communications Department and, therefore, has contributors from a variety of majors on campus.

Prospective writers are required to attend weekly meetings for one quarter that will be taught by the development editor. In these classes, prospective writers will learn the basics of reporting, how the newsroom works, and journalism ethics. Further, prospective writers will be required to write three articles while in development. 


Development Editors Soraya Marashi & Kyle Bender: development@dailyuw.com.


This application is for anyone interested in becoming a photojournalist for The Daily. We are looking for passionate photographers interested in getting more experience photographing what goes on at our university. Our goal is to bring the university –– every nook and cranny –– to everyone, just by picking up one of our papers. If you believe you can tell the daily story of our school (no pun intended), then this is the right place for you. However, before you can start working for us, you need to take the mandatory, once a week introductory class.


Photo Development Editor Ethan Uehara: photodevelopment@dailyuw.com.


We are currently hiring illustrators on a rolling basis. Illustrators help create cover images, artwork for special sections, artwork for the opinion and wellness sections, and more! If you enjoy illustrating, or are an art student at the UW looking to make some extra cash, this job is for you.


Photo Illustrations Editor Abigail Dahl: illustrations@dailyuw.com.


This application is for anyone interested in becoming a member The Daily's video team. No experience is necessary to join!


Video Editor Alex Nagode: video@dailyuw.com.


Designers are hired on a rolling basis. Designers perform two jobs: design and layout The Daily's weekly print paper and create other visual design elements on request for print and online. Layout "shifts" would be once a week for a few hours in the evening on press date. Designing other elements is on your own time with assigned deadlines.

Experience with InDesign and InCopy CC is preferable but not a deal breaker for those ready to learn on the job. To apply, email the design editors with a copy of your resume and a portfolio with samples of previous design experience. A short in-person interview will also follow.


Design Editors Dylan McKone and Jenna Shanker: design@dailyuw.com.


As an Account Executive for The Daily, Husky Media Group, and HUA Voice, you will be a part of a team of 10 people that connects with students, campus organizations, non-profits, local businesses, and national businesses to help them promote their business or product. You will act as a partner that will consult businesses or entities throughout the process and ensure that they are getting the most effective outcome for their budget and needs.

You need to be a student at the University of Washington as an undergraduate or graduate student. Apply online on Handshake or email the ad managers with an inquiry and your resume. A short online interview will also follow.


Ad Managers Preston Bingley and Emma Koehler: admanager@dailyuw.com.


What is Daily 101?

Daily 101 is a series of weekly meetings that prospective writers are required to attend. They are taught by the development editor, various other section editors at The Daily, and journalism professionals. In these classes, prospective writers will learn the basics of reporting, how the newsroom works, and journalism ethics.

How do I apply?

Fill out the Google Forms application once it is live on this page and send all relevant documents to the development editor at development@dailyuw.com.

How many credits is it?

The Daily and its development class are not affiliated with the registrar at the UW. It will not be listed on the time schedule. The class cannot be taken for credit.

Is prior journalism experience required?

No. The class will teach basic journalism skills along with the procedures for producing a daily newspaper. Some knowledge or experience is helpful but not required.

I sent my application, now what?

The development editor will review the applications and will notify selected applicants via email. 

What if I don't make it on staff?

The Daily holds its Daily 101 class every quarter, so there will be other chances to complete the class.