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An Entrance and an Exit

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I am happy to say that I have finished my drawing of the Allen Library. It took three days with about one hour sessions each day. It is probably the project that has taken me the longest, and the most labor intensive; given that, I am pleased with how it turned out. You can view the finished sketch here and compare it to my first installment.

Shifting gears, the focus this week is about doors on campus. I decided to sketch two very different doors on campus. The large double door entrance to the Starbucks in Suzzallo and a small side door to the Music Building. The Suzzallo Starbucks entrance is grand and very academic in nature, while the side door to the Music Building is much more intimate and tucked away.

Unfortunately, while I was sketching the side door, it started to rain and I had to cut my time short. While it is not as detailed as I hoped it would be, I think it works as a finished sketch. The Suzzallo door I could take more time with, my hands were not freezing and I was quite comfortable standing without having to worry about my body temperature, the wind, or rain. I have been so used to standing outside sketching that I have somewhat lost my ability to find inspiration in indoor spaces.

Here’s hoping that with this series of sketches, I will rediscover a knack for finding things to sketch in places that are warm, dry, and most importantly, inside.

Until the next sketch,

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