The Senior Class Gift Council decided Thursday how this year's seniors will make their mark at the UW.

The council, made up of seniors nominated by faculty and administration, chose a statue of the Husky mascot as their final gift to the University after a vote.

Council co-chair Alex Theoharis said the council discussed several alternatives before making their decision.

"We were talking about buying stained glass windows for the Suzzallo and Allen libraries or renovating and landscaping the UW entrance on 42nd," he said. "We finally chose a Husky mascot because there doesn't seem to be one around. The only one we've got is down by the stadium."

The location and design plans for the statue have not been finalized. The council is considering holding a school-wide contest allowing students to decide on the specifics of the gift.

Seniors will primarily pay for the statue, supplemented by donations from parents and alumni. The council plans to hold fundraisers and a phone drive to raise funds in the spring.

Theoharis hopes asking students for monetary contributions will turn them into lifelong contributors.

"The goal is to encourage philanthropy from the senior class and encourage lifestyles of giving back to the community," he said.

Council member Lindsay Whitney said the gift is a way to thank the school for everything it has given its students.

"We want to leave some sort of legacy for future students and people involved with the UW," Whitney said. "There are so many things that other people have done that we've enjoyed while we've been here. We want to create a statue that students, faculty, and alumni can all gather around."

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