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Senior goodbye: Hailey Robinson

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Senior goodbye: Hailey Robinson

It’s weird to leave a place that’s been a huge part of your identity for what feels like your entire life. I have only faint memories of a time before college, when I feel like I was a completely different person. I’ve been at The Daily for longer than I’ve been a UW student (by a quarter). These orange walls saw me become the person I am now, from the summer before freshman year before my one-quarter early graduation. 

I knew I wanted to be a journalist long before The Daily, but this place was so much more than preparation for my career. It’s also the place where I’ve made lifelong friendships and grown as a person. It’s where I’ve conquered my anxiety and finally felt like I could talk about my passions. Inside this newsroom, with its walls covered in the writing of decades of student journalists before us, I finally got to be myself, and sometimes that got to go on the walls too. 

I’ve been lucky enough to cover some amazing sports teams and fall in love with new sports. I’ve had the opportunity to put my thoughts on a page and get them published. So much of my confidence has come from the opportunities I was given to have a voice, after nearly two decades of being painfully shy and feeling silenced. 

This is my 15th quarter at The Daily and my 12th as an editor. I’ve seen this newsroom in three different orientations and worked for four different EICs. As a result, I have way too many people to recognize for what they’ve done for me in my time here. I’ve met my closest friends here, and the love of my life. But here is an attempt to thank some people:

Alexis, without you, I’m not sure I would be pursuing a career in sports media. Thank you for poaching me from the opinion section and pushing me headfirst into a field I fell in love with. 

Moh, Susana, Rebecca, Monica, Alex, Sarah, Mona, Molly, Tim, and everyone who was part of The Daily when I was just a baby editor, thank you for being my mentors and teachers. I probably learned more about journalism from you than I ever did in my classes. 

Rachel, Mac, Leslie, Conor, Caean, Shahbaz, Sierra, Kyle, Cameron, Sammi, Devon, Jenna, Isaac, Mira, and the way too long list of people I’ve worked with while at The Daily, it’s been a pleasure to share the newsroom with you. I wish I had the space to write something for every one of you. Hannah, I’m excited for you to take over and make The Daily’s social media way more entertaining than I ever could. 

Sam and Trevor, please take care of my Sharpies, you are the most worthy successors.

Lydia, thank you for being my Starbucks buddy, and tea-drinking buddy, and talking about fashion with me. Thanks for being equally as good of a friend as you are a photographer (and that’s pretty damn good). 

Andy, at times you have been the most annoying person I know but I appreciate you so much. I hope you learned even half as much from me as I learned from you that first season covering volleyball. You’re going to be an amazing sports editor, and I’m glad there’ll be a Japanese American on editorial staff, for the culture. 

Alec, I’m glad you’re the only person I still talk to from middle school. You’re one of the hardest workers and best storytellers I know. I’m so grateful for all the breakfasts and dinners talking sports together, for the road trip to Oregon (and meeting Helen!), for spelling bee-watching, and for our friendship. Out of all of us, I know you’re going to do amazing things, and I can’t wait to see them. 

Josh, it would take far too much time to list everything you’ve done for me in our time at The Daily, from our first quarter as editors together until now, so I’ll just have to tell you every day for the rest of our lives. Thank you for being there, always. 

The possibly-stolen baseball sign reading “HOME” under the old tubes that used to be used for print production says it all for me. For the past four years, between illnesses and roommate struggles and everything else going on in my life, The Daily has been my home. 

Hailey Robinson

Engagement Editor  Spring 2017 - Winter 2020

Managing Editor — Winter 2018 - Spring 2018

The Daily — Summer 2016 - Winter 2020 



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