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Senior goodbye: Josh Eddy

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Senior goodbye: Josh Eddy


I’ve always loved sports. I loved the way people would find creative ways to tell the same story I had heard a dozen times already. I loved watching Damian Lillard hit an incredible shot to beat the Rockets in the first round of the 2014 NBA playoffs, and then I loved reading about it the next day. I loved the way communities would come together around sport. I loved seeing the way athletes interacted with one another.

I came to idolize everything about sports. Since I was never a particularly athletic guy, I knew I wouldn’t even get a look from college programs. So, I really idolized the people that maneuvered their way into the field without a sports background. That’s who I wanted to be.

Eventually I came across The Daily with no experience but was so gung-ho on joining. I remember I applied and instantly regretted not doing so sooner. I think I even double-emailed the sports editor, Josh Kirshenbaum, just a couple days later to ask if I got the job, which I’m sure wasn’t annoying at all.

After a quarter of development in the spring of my sophomore year, I went home for the summer and watched the days scrape by as I cut and measured fish in a QFC seafood department. Towards the end of break I got a text from Josh saying that the women’s soccer writer had dropped out and they needed someone to take over. I quit my job early, moved back up to Seattle and started covering a team and sport that I had close to zero knowledge of.

After reading every piece about the team from a season ago and becoming a master in my familiarity with the team, I was ready. I was getting prepared to head down to the soccer field on a scalding hot August afternoon, and then I got a text saying from the Sports Information Director. He wouldn’t be there, and I would have to conduct all the interviews on my own.

I was scared shitless. I was just a student that had never done this before and now I’m flying solo. This team has no idea who I am, and I wasn’t really sure what to expect. I worked my way through an awkward interview and raced home to write my first story.

I’m sure I was far from great, and probably just sniffing mediocre during my first beat, but I eventually got better. Seeing my name in print for the first time was a dream come true. Getting a chance to interview football players was a dream come true. Having a story I started from scratch that became the front page story was a dream come true. Having my own podcast has been a dream come true.

Writing for The Daily obviously is not ESPN, or The Athletic, or even The Seattle Times. While I’m not sure exactly how many people read/listen to my work or even know who I am. I don’t even know where I’m going to go from here without a job lined up.

None of that mattered to me. What’s important is that these past two years, I became the person I grew up idolizing. I was the guy telling someone’s important and moving life story, or delivering hot takes on a podcast, or breaking down the best and worst Adidas uniforms around the nation. I did it, I lived my dream.

The Daily gave me this opportunity, and no one can ever take the experience from me. Thank you so much for this amazing ride, I wish it didn’t end here.

Josh Eddy

The Daily — Spring 2018 - Winter 2020

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