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A guide to ice cream in Seattle

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Sweet Alchemy

Located on the Ave, Sweet Alchemy has been a popular destination for students in the U-District since its founding in 2016 by UW art graduate Lois Ko. With a brightly decorated interior and a mix of classic and daring flavors, Sweet Alchemy is the perfect stop for students journeying between thrift shops or looking for something sweet to wash down lunch. Sweet Alchemy prides itself on its organic and sustainable ingredients, sourcing almost everything from local farms within 100 miles of Seattle. All of its delicious small-batch ice creams are made fresh in-house. Since it's only a couple minute walk from campus, it’s an excellent location for a study break or a quick date.

Salt and Straw

With some of the creamiest ice cream in the city, Portland-based Salt and Straw made its debut in Seattle in February 2018. Just off the light rail stop in Capitol Hill on the corner of Boylston Avenue and East Pike Street, Salt and Straw has made waves by collaborating with local Seattle businesses like Theo Chocolate, Westlake Whiskey, and Rachel’s Ginger Beer to create bold and unique flavors that bring in young couples and chic families stopping in after strolling along Broadway. Salt and Straw provides a charming café-style environment with wooden benches and soft rock-and-roll drifting from the kitchen where the ice cream is handmade in-house.

If you’re in a hurry, you can also grab a pint to go and skip the line. Salt and Straw is a must-see next time you visit Capitol Hill, or check out its second location located just off the Burke-Gilman Trail in Ballard.

Molly Moon’s

With a location in University Village, Molly Moon’s minimalist aesthetic puts all the focus on the ice cream, and with tantalizing flavors from vanilla to honey lavender to blood orange sorbet, the focus is sure to pay off. With the scent of freshly made waffle cones wafting out into the street right at the entrance of U-Village, Molly Moon’s is the perfect pit stop before window shopping or buying groceries at QFC. The rotating seasonal flavors also add something new to look forward to at different times of the year. Molly Moon’s is the perfect place for any UW student looking for a quick treat and some retail therapy.

Frankie and Jo’s

With its hanging orb lights, palm tree wallpaper, and succulents, Frankie and Jo’s is a truly millennial space in the heart of Capitol Hill that serves a variety of exclusively plant-based ice creams and sorbets. All of its products are vegan, with flavors ranging from beet-strawberry sorbet to ginger golden milk to chocolate milk brownie.

Almost all the ice creams are coconut- and cashew-based and provide a very different taste than traditional ice cream. If you’re vegan looking for a guilt-free treat or just looking for a new way to experience ice cream, Frankie and Jo’s is the place to go.

Shug’s Soda Fountain and Ice Cream

Situated right by Pike Place Market, Shug’s Soda Fountain and Ice Cream provides a chill diner feel along with refreshing ice cream and soda. With plenty of seating and a bar at the counter, Shug’s is an excellent place to satisfy a sweet tooth and relax with friends after walking around Pike Place or the many other attractions of Seattle’s exciting downtown.

Served in crystal bowls or cones, Shug’s is as attractive as it is delicious. For those 21 and older, Shug’s offers novelty ice cream-themed alcoholic beverages such as champagne floats. Despite serving alcohol, the space is friendly for all ages and is bustling with locals and tourists alike. Located on First Avenue, be sure to add Shug’s to the next trip to Seattle’s iconic public market.

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