1. Spend the night studying at Ode

  2. Jump into Drumheller Fountain

  3. Have an Instagram photo shoot with the cherry blossoms

  4. Open a noisy snack in the Reading Room

  5. Eat smelly food in the Reading Room

  6. Sign up for too many clubs at the RSO fair

  7. Go to an improv show by The Collective

  8. Go bowling in the HUB

  9. Bike on the Burke Gilman Trail.

  10. Wipe out in Red Square

  11. See a crazy arthouse film at the Grand Illusion Theater

  12. Go to Dawg Daze

  13. Take a selfie with Dubs

  14. Find a go-to coffee shop

  15. Find a go-to shawarma place on the Ave

  16. Go to a great house show

  17. Leave a terrible house show early

  18. See a new exhibit at the Henry

  19. Try to locate Parnassus

  20. Eat pasta at Orin’s Place

  21. Go canoozing (canoe-boozing) through the Arboretum

  22. Steal a brick from Red Square

  23. Go to at least one sporting event for each UW team

  24. Check out the Seattle Art Museum on Free First Thursdays

  25. Hammock in The Quad or Denny Lawn

  26. Have a picnic at Gasworks Park

  27. Sing in the rain

  28. Boycott Starbucks

  29. Go to Flowers (every night)

  30. Join the #DawgPack

  31. Go to Lost Lakes after a concert in Capitol Hill

  32. Attend a Bricolage open mic (bonus points if you perform)

  33. Vote in the ASUW elections

  34. Go to Spring Fling

  35. Protest something

  36. Post on UW Memes for Boundless Teens (and get denied)

  37. Be featured on Overheard at the UW

  38. Go to Pike Place Market

  39. Complain about tourists

  40. Buy a plant, name it, then kill it

  41. Make new friends at Dawg Daze

  42. Delete the majority of your Dawg Daze acquaintances from your phone

  43. Rent kayaks at Agua Verde

  44. Take the 372 for one stop

  45. Go to a Rainy Dawg Radio show

  46. Run across the Montlake Bridge

  47. Become an IMA bro

  48. Lose your Husky card

  49. Go to Beth’s Cafe at 2 a.m.

  50. Order a “Six Fidie” shake at Beth’s

  51. Skip class waiting for coffee in Suzzallo Starbucks

  52. “Fail forward”

  53. Become Boundless

  54. Wonder what being Boundless means

  55. Revoke your Boundlessness

  56. Go to a frat party and question your choices

  57. Have a late night interlude in a study room

  58. Buy a pair of Chacos

  59. Make Ana Mari Cauce your lord and savior

  60. Have a Game of Thrones marathon with your new HBO

  61. Longboard through The Quad

  62. Go rock climbing at the IMA

  63. Never go to a single dorm floor event

  64. Make awkward small talk with your RA after you miss their events

  65. Get a nose piercing

  66. Go vegetarian

  67. Climb Husky Rock

  68. Buy a poetry book at Open Books

  69. Go to a reading at Elliot Bay Book Company

  70. Complete a Full Tilt punch card

  71. Spend too much money on bubble tea

  72. Be told that you’re a sinner on Red Square

  73. Get a Hydroflask and dent it

  74. Learn to dance with Salsa Club or Swing Kids

  75. Volunteer at UW Farm

  76. Hike Rattlesnake Ridge

  77. Change your major (then maybe change it again)

  78. Minor in something you had never even considered learning about until college

  79. Road trip to Vancouver with your friends

  80. Form a long-lasting friendship with a great roommate

  81. Learn to live with a difficult roommate

  82. Have a huge fight with your roommate but then make up

  83. Play frisbee in the Quad

  84. Go to the U-District Farmer’s market

  85. Compete in Trivia Night at The Ram

  86. Have breakfast at Portage Bay Cafe

  87. Develop a caffeine addiction

  88. Develop a fear of Quad seagulls and squirrels

  89. Step in goose poop by Drumheller Fountain

  90. Go to Schultzy’s and order too many fries

  91. Become a Wells Wednesdays regular at Finn MacCool’s

  92. Take an 8 a.m. class in Fisheries

  93. Take a great class and form a bond with the professor

  94. Utilize the Career Center’s resources (bonus points for doing this during freshman year)

  95. Apply for many internships and get accepted for one

  96. Write for The Daily

  97. Pursue academic projects that you’re passionate about

  98. Take advantage of the perks you get with tuition: U-PASS, IMA, and more

  99. Form your own UW family with friends and mentors you met here

  100. Lime bike through Kane Hall

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