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Sitting at the corner of Northeast 52nd Street and University Way, it takes a trek to get to my favorite place on The Ave, but I promise it’s worth it.  

Ku Sushi and Izakaya serves a wide variety of sushi rolls and Korean cuisine for a great price. Although there is limited seating and most people will have to wait outside until a table is cleared, Ku has a cozy, intimate vibe. Lit by romantic string lights and filled with ambient chatter, Ku is the perfect place for a casual dinner date.

Ku is also a great place for college kids on a tight budget. All of their sushi rolls are at discounted prices all the time, so it’s hard not to get two or three. With over 20 different rolls that range from vegetarian-friendly to spicy specialties, you are bound to find something you’ll love.  

My personal favorite rolls are the “OMG,” with shrimp, cream cheese, crab, and spicy tuna, and  the “University Way,” with shrimp, crab, seared salmon, and avocado.

If sushi doesn’t tickle your taste buds, Ku also has a wide array of other entrees, including udon, curry chicken katsu, and soup. One of its most popular dishes is the grilled pork belly with kimchi.  

Whether you want to impress your date at a new dinner spot, or get a great two-for-one deal on sushi, make sure to hop on a bus and head to Ku.  

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