The best fried chicken on the Ave

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Chi Mac reinvents Korean fried chicken with a charming philosophy and flavorful menu.

The Ave is host to a variety of restaurants, and many are exceptional. Whether I am hanging out with a large group of friends, or just grabbing a quick bite, Chi Mac (pronounced Chi Mek) stands out as my personal favorite.

Chi Mac’s inviting atmosphere and concise list of offerings are a strong point. When I first visited Chi Mac during Dawg Daze, I tried their Szechuan wings and their popcorn chicken.

The popcorn chicken is hands down the best thing on their menu. As a testament to this, they are usually sold out and you’re lucky to get some if you can. The popcorn chicken features their signature ranch and buffalo sauce and is of extremely high-quality and cooked to perfection.

Everytime I go, I order it. A staple and testament to Chi Mac’s quality is that their food never feels redundant.

Added recently to the menu is the kimchi tater-tots. True to Chi Mac’s mission of creating mouth-watering Asian fusion cuisine, the tots are a really exceptional appetizer. When I ordered them with my friends, they arrived sizzling hot with tons of kimchi and cheese on top.

While people under 21 will have to sit out of Chi Mac’s philosophy centered around chicken and beer, there is a variety of non-alcoholic and yogurt soju drinks for younger folks. The quirky aesthetic of Chi Mac lends itself to being a prime spot for social gatherings and celebrations.

Chi Mac’s atmosphere is intense but inviting. While the service can be slow at times, the essence of the restaurant is about friends, conversation, and good times. Spending a while engaging in slow dining is something that I’ve learned to love — and it is a good break from the fast pace of college life.

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