My favorite place in Seattle: Gasworks Park

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While maybe an obvious choice for my favorite place in Seattle, Gasworks Park is to me the most beautiful sight in all of the city. The first week after I left my home in California, my newly made friends suggested we go to the park, only a short walk from campus. I had no expectations, my curiosity only a product of its uncanny name.

I will never forget those initial moments looking onto what seemed to me as a world at arm’s reach. Having a mere glance from the waterfront, I felt the entirety of Seattle in a way wholly invigorating. I wanted to climb the hill where masked silhouettes stood, heads tilted up at the stars. From the base, I swore I could see a telescope at the top of the hill. As I got closer, however, I neared a large ditch absent of any such instrument. The deceptive shape was actually a part of a boat in the distant harbor, but even so, the view situated above lake level had its own gleam.

Gasworks is a place I would not hesitate naming the greatest location in Seattle, as its beauty permeates at any time of day in every season. From its rolling green hills to the antiquity of rusty pipes, it mirrors something of the past and present. I love that a morning run can show me a palace of remote Seattleites, waking up to the smell of brewed coffee and dewy air. A sense of peace rushes over me each time I am there, with sunsets over buildings that glisten and radiate the occasional ray of sunlight. It never looks the same.

While I am certain of the presence of other nooks and crannies less obvious and known to the general populace, I do think Gasworks’ notoriety stems from actuality and is a gift to every person stumbling on its grounds.

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