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Letter from the Editor


If you received this paper, it means you made it. You’re in, congratulations. If you received this paper, that also means this is step zero of a hard-fought battle for a hand shake and piece of paper qualifying you for the workforce. But have no fear (says the group of people tasked with creating a guide for all the newcomers)! Because we know exactly how to succeed in this institution, all the problems that will invariably come your way, and the key to success for all types of students in all types of majors.


While that’s not completely true, we do know a lot more than anyone completely unfamiliar with this place. And that is exactly what this paper is: a guide for anyone completely unfamiliar with this place. One summer, many articles, and many more panic-stricken moments later, Welcome Edition brings together everything The Daily staff knows about living at the UW.


Inside, you will find four sections –– Distractions & Neighborhoods, Campus Life, Facts & Figures, and Innovations  –– that cover everything from maximizing space in a dorm room and maintaining financial wellness, to where to find a cold beer and a cool park. The next 60 pages have information for everyone, and if you don’t find it useful, I’m sure your parents will eat it up.


Hopefully, you’ll learn something about our community in the largest issue that The Daily produces. We’ve included content on this year’s ASUW president and the board of directors, resources that are readily available around campus, and stories about the people and places that embody the spirit of innovation. Inside is a picture of our community, all the people that it consists of, and the stories that make its history. If there is one thing that we at The Daily wish to accomplish, it’s welcoming you to the place we all call home.


This year, over 7,000 new students will be joining the Husky family; that’s the largest class the UW has ever seen. Among you, there will be students from all across the United States (except North Dakota, South Dakota, and Kentucky, suckers), and many countries around the world, with different experiences, stories, perspectives, and ambitions. But together, there is one thing that I am proud to say now brings us together: We are Dawgs.


So to all the incoming freshmen and transfer students, welcome home. The next chapter of your life starts right now. What you will do with it is entirely up for you, but inside you will find all (or at least most) of the information you need to get started.


Reach Editor-in-Chief Andreas Redd at Twitter: @Aredd44