Earlier this week, Washington cross country team head coach Greg Metcalf was named the Men’s West Regional Coach of the Year. Now, Metcalf hopes it will be his team, not himself, that will take some honors in its final meet of the season.

The UW men and women’s teams will go for top-10 finishes when they head to Louisville, Ky., for the NCAA championships on Saturday.

“Now it is simply about recovery,” Metcalf said. “Make sure that their uniforms and spikes are taken care of. We have done a couple of light workouts, but nothing major. They just need to be rested and ready to go out and run to the ability we know they are capable of.”

This will be the last race for five seniors on the two teams, Maddie Meyers, Eleanor Fulton, and Jenna Sanders for the women, and Izaic Yorks and Tyler King on the men’s side. Yorks and King will be trying to break into the top 40, which will earn them the title of All-American.

Meyers will be looking to repeat as an All-American, finishing 27th last year in Terre Haute, Ind.

“I don’t like to put a specific number on it,” Meyers said. “But I just want to come out of nationals thinking I gave it my best and everything I could.”

It would be the first time in UW history for both teams to finish inside the top 10.

“We collectively decided that whether on a good day or a bad day, there shouldn’t be an excuse for not finishing in the top 10,” Meyers said. “Anything lower than that will be disappointing. Maybe on a great day, amazing things could happen and if things come together perfectly there might be a podium finish.”

Both the men and women are coming off strong performances in their last two races, the NCAA west regional and the Pac-12 Championships. The men finished first at the west regional. King finished in fifth place, and sophomore Andrew Gardner took 10th. The UW men also took fourth place at the Pac-12 Championships.

The UW women took third place at the west regional and equaled the men with a fourth place finish at the Pac-12 championships.

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