Sophomore Evanni Roberson celebrates after her vault against Cal.

Steadily improving its scores with every meet, the No. 15 Washington gymnastics team has set its sights on a goal of scoring a 197. The Huskies will face the top team in the Pac-12, No. 3 Utah, as they look to achieve a season high for the fifth meet in a row. 

The Huskies started off in the 195 range for their first two meets, and made a big jump at their home opener to a 196 score, improving by six-tenths of a point. There was a smaller jump from that meet to the Metroplex Challenge last weekend, but the team hopes its a step to another large jump in Utah. 

“We are pushing towards a 197, so we took another step closer,” head coach Elise Ray-Statz said.

Last year, the UW faced Utah at home, and a large group of fans followed the Utes to Seattle for the meet. This year, the Dawgs will head to Utah’s home turf and be surrounded by those same fans. 

“It’s a really great atmosphere because it’s super energetic,” senior Hailey Burleson said. “We really thrive off that energy.”

The Huskies’ consistent improvement has showed on every event, and each week the goal is the same. With already solid performances, focusing on little details will push their scores just a little bit higher. 

On vault last week, the Huskies scored a 48.950, with four Huskies scoring 9.800, a team high. Burleson and sophomore Haley Roy have both scored 9.875s this season, and a team score over 49 would help push the Huskies the five-tenths they need to get a 197. 

On beam, the Huskies best event last year and the event where they retained most of their lineup, the Huskies have the biggest opportunity for improvement. Burleson led the team with 9.900 last weekend, and sophomore Evanni Roberson scored a career high 9.875, but every person on the beam lineup will be looking to raise their scores to improve from last weeks 49.175.  

“My goal personally is to do one thing better on every event, get those 9.825s up to 9.850s and 9.85s up to 9.900s and 9.875s,” Roberson said. 

One thing better on every event is the goal for every gymnast this weekend in Utah, as the details will be what pushes the team from an already strong 196 to its goal of a 197. 

“We’ve kept improving every single meet,” Burleson said. “This meet is really the one where we want to put it all together and bring in those little details that we’ve been working on in the gym.”

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