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The Washington men's varsity 8+ races at the Husky Open on the Montlake Cut.

On a cloudy but mostly rainless day out on the Montlake Cut, the Washington men and women’s young crew teams got out to a great start to their season, winning every race they competed in.

The regatta started at 8 a.m. on Saturday morning, with some junior rowing clubs racing each other before the collegiate races began at 9 a.m.

“I’m was really impressed by the regatta day today,” men’s head coach Michael Callahan said. “I think we had almost a thousand competitors here, there are 34 clubs that compete, and almost 400 entries. Now that we’ve built it, we’re excited that the whole northwest community is racing and competing at it.”

While most of the top boats didn’t compete at the Husky Open on Saturday, the Huskies dominated the local competition with their younger and less experienced members, as every varsity boat that competed for the men and women won on Saturday.

It started with two races in the men’s varsity eight, which resulted in a winning time of 5:59.910 for the Husky crew coxed by junior Emmiline Nordale in the second flight. Right behind them came the Washington boat coxed by Marley Avritt with a time of 6:08.101 in the first race.

Next came the women’s varsity eight, which again, ended with a Washington victory with a time of 6:42.854.

After this came the second varsity eight boats from both the men and women; both boats won with times of 5:56.322 for the men, and 6:44.542 for the women’s boat.

The men’s third varsity eight lineup followed up with a win in their race with a time of 5:49.622, the fastest time of the day. Coxed by sophomore Kimmons Wilson, Callahan had good things to say about the third varsity boat.

“I was really impressed by Kimmons’ boat,” Callahan said. “I think they had the fastest time of the day, and they’ve been really competitive with the 3V all week so it was good to see that they were still fighting for seats.”

After that, both the men and women’s varsity four lineups won their respective races to finish off the sweep, and an impressive showing for the UW, at the Husky Open.

Next up for the men is a trip to Oregon to compete against Oregon State in their first real varsity competition of the year, as all of their top boats are expected to compete against the Beavers this upcoming Saturday.

The women still have some unfinished business this weekend as the rest of the team is currently competing in California against some of the top rowing crews in the country at the Pac-12 Challenge, but next week look forward to joining the men in racing against Oregon State.

Reach reporter Alec Dietz at Twitter: @AlecCDietz

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