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Adidas rollout continues: Adidas gives UW men’s soccer distinct pattern

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As Adidas begins to unveil new uniforms for all UW sports slowly throughout the academic year, catch up on all the new uniforms as we archive them here, in one article, where you can find all the updated uniforms and how they compare to last season with Nike. Next up: men's soccer.

The Washington men’s soccer team was the fourth UW team to get new uniforms from Adidas, and compared to the two other Olympic sports teams’ (women’s soccer and volleyball), this set splits the middle between unique and simple.

All three uniform sets unveiled follow a common theme, with thin striping that goes from near-subliminal on the white look to distinct on the purple one.

MSoccer White

The men's soccer team's new white Adidas uniforms (left) vs. the old Nike ones (right).

MSoccer purple

The men's soccer team's new purple Adidas uniforms (left) vs. the old Nike ones (right).

MSoccer Black

The men's soccer team's new black Adidas uniforms (left) vs. the old Nike ones (right).

Previously, the Huskies had three Nike uniform sets — white, purple, and black — which didn’t feature much patterning. Unlike for volleyball, Adidas gave the men’s soccer team three distinct looks, and unlike women’s soccer, it has a real black alternate.

From afar, the men’s soccer team’s white jerseys look like the women’s soccer ones, complete with white socks and shorts and “Washington” arcing over the front numbers in purple with gold trim. Up close, though, the striping becomes apparent, but not overwhelming.

The all-purple look keeps the gold striping, which really pops against the darker jersey. Instead of the school name, Adidas moved the UW logo up to the corner opposite its own.

If the women’s soccer team’s third look went a bit over the top trying to blend purple into black, the men’s soccer alternate walks the line much better, starting with black shorts and only really changing to purple at the shoulders. As long as it doesn’t give fans flashbacks to the sleeves on the Nike football uniforms, this one will do nicely.

UW volleyball team goes simple with new uniforms

The Washington volleyball team became the latest UW squad to have Adidas uniforms revealed Friday. 

Like the past few years under Nike, the Huskies will go into the 2019 season with three uniforms. Instead of having white, purple, and black looks, though, Adidas nixed the black and went instead with two (nearly identical) purple jerseys.

VB White

Washington's new white volleyball uniforms (left) vs. its old Nike look (right).

VB Purple

Washington's two new purple uniforms from Adidas (left) vs. its old Nike purple jersey (right).

More than even with the football and women’s soccer teams, Adidas really simplified the look for volleyball. There’s no gold anywhere on either of the purple jerseys, and just a thin gold trim on the letters and numbers on the white one. Whereas all three Nike jerseys followed the same template, with alternate colors and striping down the sides and sleeves, these new jerseys are all one color.

Like last season, all three jerseys will be work with black shorts, though it looks like the inseam on the Adidas shorts may be a bit longer.

Keeping in step with the previously-released uniforms, the jerseys have the same font for the numbers, with every outside angle being at 15 degrees — the same as the angles on the UW logo.

Overall, the new look is really basic. All the jerseys are essentially one solid color, with the white collar on the purple ‘Huskies’ jerseys serving as the one bit of visual interest in the whole lineup. While the recently released women’s soccer jerseys are so busy that they’re over the top, Washington’s volleyball look is at the complete other side of the spectrum. 

The UW will debut its new uniforms on Aug. 30 in Hawaii against St. Johns, but fans won’t get to see the Huskies at home until Sept. 21 against Wisconsin.

Women's soccer gets big changes to secondary looks

Nearly a month after the new football uniforms were leaked, the Washington women’s soccer team got its chance to see what Adidas has in store for 2019.

WSoccer White

Washington's new white Adidas uniforms (left) and old Nike uniforms (right).

WSoccer Purple

UW's new purple Adidas uniform (left) and old purple Nike uniform (right).

The new partners, Adidas followed suit of the football team and only rolled out three different uniforms.

WSoccer black

Washington's new third uniform (left) vs. it's old Nike black kit (right).

The first is a classic white. Adidas went for a standard, simple look for this set, and it looks nice. There’s not much going on at all and it looks really similar to last year’s white kits, but updated with the new font that is becoming a pattern. Purple numbering and lettering is outlined by gold and a purple trim on the collar add a little accent.

The following two kits involve Adidas stepping up the creativity, even more than for their first football rollout. The purple kits feature an eccentric texture pattern, with stripes all over of different shades of purple. It’s a very chaotic look up close, but make the kit look like purple ripples from afar. The same font is used, but this time with gold and a white outline.

The final uniform unveiled was a black kit that turns into purple halfway down. Using staggered pillars to transition from grey to four exceedingly more bold colors of purple. The shorts are the classic Husky purple. These kits are also long-sleeved, something the Dawgs did not have last year.

Keeper uniforms were not released, but last year included neon yellow and red colorways for those in net.

The first chance to see these new kits in action will be Aug. 16 at Gonzaga for an exhibition match at 7 p.m.

Football sticks with classic design with home and away sets

Despite a uniform leak that somewhat ruined the surprise, Adidas’ first crack at UW uniforms should be ones that fans are pretty happy with.

Washington partnered up with Adidas late enough to not have to worry about its infamous more-than-subliminal pattern, and these jerseys are kept pretty simple. The purple is deeper, tying back to looks from the 1990s. The shoulders are simpler than the last Nike iteration, with a normal purple strip sandwiched between two “iridescent” ones. 

FB Purple

Washington's new home football uniform (left) vs. old Nike home uniform (right).

FB Away

Washington's new Adidas away uniform (left) vs. its old Nike one (right).

The most obvious change to the jerseys is in the numbers, where the curves of Nike have been replaced by straight lines, with every outside corner going off at 15 degrees — the same angle as the ones in the UW logo. In the leaked photo, it looked like the numbers on the white away jerseys were thinner. Looking closer, they’re actually the same size as on the home jerseys, just outlined in white instead of a contrasting color. That change came at Chris Petersen’s request, after he studied the away uniforms from the Don James era.

As far as the pants go, the home pants are apparently as close as you can get to the Huskies’ gold helmets with fabric. 

Most importantly to many of the most vocal critics of the Nike uniforms, there’s no black at all.

There won’t be any other new designs this year, but starting in 2020, the program will unveil one or two alternates — either throwbacks or some other themed look. 

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