The Washington men's tennis team struggled in its first action of the year, losing 4-0 to No. 13 USC.

The Huskies (8-6, 0-1) lost in under two hours and it definitely was not the outing they were looking for.

“I would like to still be playing, in my head this match is still going” head coach Matt Anger said. “I think we had a number of opportunities and if we didn't capitalize on those opportunities all of a sudden that seemed to really turn the tide, rather than us getting another opportunity.”

That was especially evident in doubles where juniors Kawika Lam and Enzo Sommer were up 3-0. They missed out on a couple chances and all of a sudden they were trailing. That duo ended up losing 6-4.

The rest of doubles weren’t much better, as senior Mitch Stewart and junior Piers Foley lost 6-2 after falling apart as the set progressed. The other match was called.

That inability to capitalize extended into singles as well. Freshman Alexis Alvarez went up 4-2 in the first set but lost it after that. He dropped that set 7-5 and could not get his groove back in the second set, losing 6-1.

That drop off is tough to handle with the competition that comes with Pac-12 play.

“These matches are all going to be close,” Anger said. “When you're the team trying to breakthrough you have to be on each and every point. There are those points that maybe you give away and you can't. You're going to miss shots, you're not going to play perfectly, but I think we're there if we cut down on that a little bit. We have to continue to iron that out.”

The remaining results included a 6-3, 6-3 loss by Foley that was closer than the scoreboard shows. No.86 Senior Jake Douglas lost 6-4, 6-3 to No. 12, and former high school teammate of Douglas’, Brandon Holt.

The remaining matches were called after the Douglas loss clinched it.

The Dawgs will look to have a better showing on Sunday when they take on No. 4 UCLA at 1 p.m in likely their first outdoor match of the season.

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