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UW Health & Wellness is now officially LiveWell: What changes with the new name?

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This year, UW Health & Wellness has been slowly transitioning into a new name, LiveWell: Center for Student Advocacy, Training, & Education. With this rebranding came new graphics, logos, and most importantly, the effort to promote LiveWell’s mission to the UW student population in the clearest and most concise way possible.

The former Health & Wellness department often found its name at odds with its function; students frequently confused it with Hall Health, or were unaware of the department’s emphasis on health promotion. To clarify its purpose, the department adopted the brand LiveWell, which better encapsulates its focus on student wellness through advocacy and education.

“We also want to intentionally call out our commitment and engagement in health promotion work (in addition to direct service and advocacy for students) through the presentations, trainings, workshops, and events and campaigns that come out of our unit,” LiveWell director Shannon Bailie said.

Although the department’s brand may be changing, many of its core functions remain the same. LiveWell will provide direct support for students affected by alcohol, drugs, relationship violence, sexual harassment, or suicidal thoughts, as well as general wellness care. The department pursues its mission by working to promote health education — providing “evidence-based advocacy, consultation, education and training to students in need,” according to the LiveWell website.

With this milestone, LiveWell staff seek to shed light on the department’s role in the UW health community and centralize its student-empowered educational programs for general wellness on campus. In the future, the goal is for students to be able to recognize LiveWell for its work in health promotion and understand its importance in the long-term welfare of UW students.

“We believe rebranding as LiveWell will … increase broader engagement opportunities for students and campus partners,” Bailie said.

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