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Since 1891, The Daily (and its predecessor, The Pacific Wave) has been home to thousands of jugglers, storytellers, artists, and budding business people. Students learn to write, edit, illustrate, and design an award-winning newspaper; or sell advertising, all the while juggling academic course work and other commitments.

In addition to preparing the print edition, students are exploring the electronic frontier by developing multimedia content for; The Daily Video, our broadcast wing of talented videographers; and an array of podcasts. Our work is published both in newsprint and the web, including including YouTube, Twitter, and others.

As a student-run newspaper, staff members learn effective communication and how to manage teams and their own schedules in a business environment. They also learn the responsibilities linked to the great power inherent in the Fourth Estate regardless of whether they continue in journalism or evolve into politicians, public servants, or business people.

The Daily is one of the most awarded college newspapers in the United States, having placed at or near the top in several national and regional contests over the years. At the 2010 National College Media Conference, The Daily earned the Pacemaker for General Excellence, Best of Show, Story of the Year Editorial/Opinion, Story of the Year Diversity and Multimedia Story of the Year. Most recently, The Daily was awarded the 2018 SPJ awards for breaking news reporting and in-depth reporting.   

The Daily is published online Monday through Friday throughout the academic year. The Daily also publishes regular special editions and the quarterly Pacific Wave Magazine both online and in print available for pickup across the University of Washington campus and local U-District community.

The advertising department is also student-led and staffed. Students are responsible for generating more than $300,000 annually in advertising sales by working with local and campus clients.

Students interested in working, writing, or creating for The Daily should check out current openings at or on Handshake. If you or your business is interested in advertising with The Daily, please visit

Quick Facts

• 1.6 million copies of The Daily are distributed per year: 10,000 copies, 164 issues

• Well over 1.4 million – the number of times our YouTube videos have been viewed

• More than 290 – the number of students involved in The Daily each quarter

• $350,000 – the value of advertising sold by students to local businesses, campus organizations and individuals

• $300,000 – the amount of Student Activities Fees returned last year to students through part-time employment

• The Daily is part of Student Publications, which is a department within the Division of Student Life at the University of Washington.


Editors, staff members, and contributors of The Daily were asked to voluntarily provide demographic information.

This aggregated data has been broken out into Daily (all responses) and Editors (editors-only) to show the makeup of the whole staff versus that of The Daily's leadership team.

UW data, for comparison, is provided by the Office of the Registrar and can be viewed here.


The Daily recognizes its role as part of a broader campus community. We believe we have an obligation to represent the stories and perspectives of all UW students and believe transparently sharing who makes up The Daily is critical to these efforts.

Furthemore, our demographic data will be used by our internal Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee to recommend and implement new or revised policies, procedures, and practices that work toward our goals of better representing our campus community and creating a space where all identies and experiences are welcome and valued.

Note: Total Staff does not include any advertising or business staff.

Note: Editors describes those hired to lead the individual sections of The Daily. Editors makeup the leadership of The Daily.

Note: UW does not provide data on students identifying as Non-Binary or Transgender. Daily respondents could select multiple options.


We want to hear from you. Tell us your thoughts and let us know of events or projects happening in your community.

Visit to get in touch.

Note: Daily respondents could select multiple options.

Note: Senior includes undergraduate students in their fifth-plus year.

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