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The cereal revolution is here. So is a whole lot of movie and action TV news. Superheroes are dominating pop culture, and with good reason. Getting sick of the masked crusaders? Well, I suggest you find a way to live amongst them because they don’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. 


MTV Movie Awards were okay

This years MTV Movie Awards were far from shocking. In its usual teen-focused fashion, the most popular movies of the year received their nominations and the winners were carefully voted on, or else voted on several times a day by adoring fans. “Best Movie” went to “The Fault in Our Stars.” I suppose the tearjerkers are always considered the best. Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) showed up with the Avengers team to accept something called the “MTV Generation Award,” and caused a small fan frenzy and a lot of backstage shenanigans. 


‘Daredevil’ really is TV-MA

For years, superhero and other comic book movies have existed in the realm of PG-13. While this doesn’t prevent plenty of awesome explosions, it does hinder studios from using some of their darker plot arcs; but not anymore. Because Netflix exists outside network regulations, they can apparently do whatever they want. In the new Marvel series “Daredevil,” released last weekend, we saw a new murky side to a hero. While it’s still no “Game of Thrones,” “Daredevil” is finally pulling superheroes into the shadows. 


‘Ant-Man’ is starting to sound better

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The first full-length “Ant-Man” trailer was released this week, showing the hero in all his tiny, super-strength glory. While there’s nothing particularly revolutionary about the way the film is being advertised, the movie is starting to set itself apart from Marvel’s 11 other films by suddenly making ants relevant. Reserve full judgment until the movie is released, but things are definitely looking up for the movie since its first teaser trailer. Paul Rudd and Michael Douglas might just pull this off. 


Another Peter Parker 

Marvel fans let out a long-winded groan last week when Kevin Feige, head of Marvel Studios, announced that the new Spider-Man would once again be Peter Parker. This groan isn’t because fans don’t like the original wall-crawler. After all, there are still hundreds of comics that can be adapted to screen. No, the groan was because this will be the third time since 2002 that a new actor will be chosen to play Parker, and while the first film featuring the new actor won’t be all about Spider-Man’s origin, he will probably get some version of a transformation story. Quite frankly, we’re all sick of watching Uncle Ben die. 


Mini Pop-Tart cereal? Yes.

Someone on Pinterest is finally posting something that I want to make (and can). The greatest cereal story since French Toast Crunch is happening now. Long ago in the days before Pop-Tarts were just an on-the-go breakfast, there existed a Pop-Tart cereal. Now on the blog “Public Lives, Secret Recipes,” a blogger has created a recipe to make your own mini Pop-Tart cereal and the possibilities are almost endless. What’s the filling? Anything from your basic strawberry jelly to the oh-so creamy Nutella. Top them with glaze and sprinkle colors of your choice, add milk, and enjoy. 


Reach columnist Makayla Kinsella at Twitter: @mmkin73

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