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Best horror film of 2015: ‘Crimson Peak,’ dir. Guillermo del Toro

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A dilapidated mansion, a doomed marriage, terrifying ghosts, and blood-red clay frame Guillermo del Toro’s latest horror masterpiece, “Crimson Peak.” The film follows writer Edith Cushing (Mia Wasikowksa) as she marries inventor Sir Thomas Sharpe (Tom Hiddleston) and moves into his estate where his sister, Lady Lucille Sharpe (Jessica Chastain), also resides.

Set in Victorian England, the film’s costumes and sets are absolutely beautiful, and fans of “Jane Eyre” will particularly enjoy the characters and plot. The performances drive the film, with Wasikowska embodying innocence and purity, Hiddleston using his mysteriously irresistible charm, and Chastain remaining cold, yet passionate, throughout the film.

“Crimson Peak” is the best horror film of 2015 because del Toro’s films are unlike any other in the genre. Avoiding the pitfalls of most mainstream horror films, “Crimson Peak” features a well-written plot, strong character development, talented actors, and beautiful cinematography. Rather than using jump scares or excessive gore to scare his audience, del Toro uses plot twists and disturbing relationships between characters to show that people are often scarier than ghosts.


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