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Poetry: 'I remember'

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Poetry: 'I remember'

Editor’s note: Every Friday, the Arts & Leisure section publishes a work of short fiction or poetry from writers in the UW community not affiliated with The Daily.


I remember dancing, prancing, and meandering along

I remember waltzing with papa, putting my tiny feet on top of his

I remember stuffing my bra with tissues to fit in 

I remember the hot summer sun 

I remember the boy standing on the corner with the jean jacket asking me for a cigarette

I remember getting tangled up in white sheets

I remember reheating leftovers

I remember the clock ticking away until you returned

I remember falling asleep to the static of the tv  

I remember warm bodies on me

I remember 5am phone calls

I remember the smell of cigarettes that cling to me

I remember daydreams of dying

I remember the first time I saw him cry. Lying in bed with my back towards him

I remember my pillow stained with the drool of other people

I remember how silly falling asleep on the phone waiting for you is

I remember hearing your car door slam and hiding in the bathtub

I remember how stupid enriching conversations are


Jeanette Lin is a senior majoring in creative writing and minoring in comparative literature.

Interested in submitting? Send unpublished poetry and short fiction under 1,500 words to with subject line “Fiction/Poetry: [Title] by [Writer’s Name]” and a short bio.

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