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Top 7 Benefits of e-learning Platforms for Students and Employees

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With the effect of a global pandemic, COVID-19, the small to medium and large-scale businesses completely turned to look out for the online platforms. From academics to non-academics, e-learning has made its presence vital in all the business sectors. A survey reveals that there is a 42% increase in the company's revenue that incorporated e-learning methodologies in the business practices.

Online learning apps have become a life-saver option and now many educational institutions are switching to digital platforms. With the nationwide lockdown, schools and colleges had to shut down to protect children and staff from dreadful coronavirus. Although the government has started a vaccination drive, it might take months to settle things. Meanwhile, several educational startups like Udemy have evolved and offered flexible options to pick a course.

Besides, the challenges have been increasing with the increase in the number of internet users across the country. We all know that 60% of the Indians reside in rural areas and it's a bit complicated to offer high-speed internet and implement learning concepts to tackle the tough times. Few industry experts are also concerned about the e-learning industry once we are back to the new normal. However, online education is booming due to the myriad benefits it offers for students, working professionals, and entrepreneurs. Let’s have a look!

Benefits of Online Learning Platforms

Online Tools and Certifications

Now-a-days few multinational companies are accepting the certifications online from the aspirants. For them, a few like Udemy online learning platform offer professional certification programs that can be completed in a couple of months. You can get them relatively at low-prices by applyingdiscount codes of Udemy during the payment checkout process. Further, these certificates can be added to your resume to showcase your skill set.

The effective learning management system (LMS) offers a user-friendly interface to keep a track of training programs, attendance, performance reports, and materials. The free online tutorials allow you to access core, technical skills and improve the chances of career opportunities.


Industry Professionals

It is quite important for aspirants to have an instructor with vast knowledge in the relevant field. You can keep in touch with them through emails, live chat, video calls to discuss and clarify the doubts. The online platform has broken the barrier by reaching out to the professionals across the globe.

Affordable Option

Opting for an online learning platform minimizes the costs of transportation, meals, etc., compared to the traditional methods. Adding up, the course materials (PDFs, Podcasts, and Videos) and tests are available online, making it completely a paperless system beneficial for the environment too.


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You just need a smartphone or laptop to get connected with the digital world no matter where you are. The digital tools have achieved flexibility for working professionals to pursue new courses without quitting the job. The materials are provided prior to the training session so they can learn and be involved in the discussions. 

Virtual Training Programs


The virtual training sessions can be held from the comfort of home or a specific location. Students will showcase their interest to learn and adapt to new technologies and there are fewer chances of students missing out on the classes. It comes with a great option for the instructors to provide personalized attention to all the students.

Multi-lingual Support


One of the biggest challenges with the learning platform is to reach out to the students who study in rural areas. In the traditional approach, faculty explain the tricky concepts in their native language for better understanding. However, the digital platforms have come up with multiple support options where the candidates can browse for the course in their desired language.

Proficientin New Technologies

The premium courses play a crucial role in nurturing an individual from the scratch. They allow the aspirants to get exposure to online technologies and become proactive while dealing with complicated tasks. It mainly benefits the employees who want to advance their career by analyzing the marketing trends and broadening their knowledge without any trouble.

Final Verdict

Wrapping up, 41% of the companies incorporated online tools in 2020 to train new technologies to their employees and also gained 21% profits in their revenue. Sounds interesting, right! Well, in the current scenario, all the companies and educational institutions are introducing the best e-learning software to meet the industry standards.

Online learning also increases the education standards, literacy rate, and economic development in India. Also, there is a significant drop in the cost every student spends on education. Overall, India continues to adopt new trends to meet the requirements for effective communication and grab business opportunities. What are your thoughts on learning platforms in India? Do you think India can succeed by introducing e-learning tools to students? Do you have any other queries? Let us know in the comments section.

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