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Efficient college packing tips for freshmen!!!

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Nothing could be more exciting than the time when you move to college. But, when we talk about relocation, there are a few things that cannot forget. Discussing the problems related to relocation is essential. Theprocess of moving to college has a special place in one’s life as it is the first important move that we ever administer. After all, it is your first time when you are ready to live alone in a new place.


The most difficult task of a moving process, irrespective of where you are moving to is the packing process. It requires lots of time, money as well as efforts to pack and move. Therefore, you should start packing as soon as possible. Of course, it is a difficult task to pack your entire bedroom, the things you belong to since childhood in a car, and relocate to a completely new place. If you are looking for the right ways, here are the best tricks and tips from the trusted state to state movers that you must have a look at:

  1. Prepare a separate essential bag

Prepare a separate priority box that contains all the items for the survival of the first two days and nights. Of course, you would not be able to open all boxes after a tiring day that is why to spend a day peacefully, you should pack all the essential items. The box should contain items like toiletries, the charger of electronic essential items, and clothing for one or two days, nightwear, bedding, and all other essential items as per your preferences. Consider the needs of the first two days and then pack this bag.  

2.     Co-ordinate with a dorm mate

It is great to coordinate with your roommate to make packing efficient. Because the dorm is small therefore to adjust, it is great to ask your roommate that what he/she brings. You can divide items among you that what she will bring so you don’t have to buy and pack those items. You don’t need to pack items that your roommate will bring like there is enough to have one microwave oven, one refrigerator, and so on. Co-ordinate with one another and then start packing for all the items.

3.     Label away 

You should label all the containers and boxes so that the unpacking of items becomes easier for you. Label the containers according to the items present in the containers. If you label the boxes well then the entire move will become smoother. 

4.     Pack only for this season

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If you are coming back home this year then of course it is not an ideal option to pack the entire room. You should pack only clothing items that you have to wear only this season. Pack as per the season you have to come across there. This will make the entire pacing easier and efficient.  

5.     Don’t forget to save space 

As you know your dorm will be small therefore it is important to pack only the items that are required. Don’t ever think to pack the unnecessary items. To cut down the number of packed boxes, you can pack items in laundry bags and unused trash cans and in other boxes that you have to take with you. Apart from that you can ditch the bubble wrap and other moving-related supplies and can use towels, socks to pack the fragile items. Make sure you use every possible way to save space. 

6.     Pack like items together 

You should first sort out all the items and then pack items separately so that the transportation of the items becomes easier for you. For example, you should pack kitchen items separately, and jewel items in a separate box.

7.     Prepare a list of essential items 

As you know dorms are small in space therefore you should pack only the essential items that are necessary to live at the college. You should first clutter all the items and then check what are the necessary items you require to survive and then start packing for college, some of the items that come into the list of essential items are personal hygienic items such as toiletries and other necessary basic items. This makes it easier to keep these items separate from your dorm mates. Bedding is another very important essential item that includes items like pillows, blankets, pillowcases, cushions, and so on. 

8.     Keep the hanging clothes hanged on hangers

Most of the fresher movers make a mistake that they use to remove clothes from hangers at first and then they pack. This makes them put more effort as well as time in packing as well as unpacking and placing clothes at their positions. If you pack them while hanging then the entire workload will be reduced.

Conclusion: Use all the above-given tips to pack your college items perfectly. These simple moving tips will make your entire college move easier and smoother. Make sure you don’t pack all items because dorm rooms are short in space so you will get little space to store items so pack accordingly so you don’t have to regret later. 

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