There’s no denying it: packing light is an essential part of a relaxing vacation. It means less baggage (and baggage fees!), less stuff to keep up with, less stuff to potentially lose, and fewer things taking up space in your car. But let’s face it: no one wants to do laundry when they travel, either. A lack of chores is one of the many perks of traveling! And paying outrageous hotel fees for laundry is out of the question.

How can you get the best of both worlds? Here are some of our top methods on how to do laundry on vacation without sacrificing your livelihood:

1. Use a Local On-Demand Laundry Service

On-demand laundry services are taking a page from the DoorDash and Uber playbooks and offering bespoke laundry pickup and delivery services. Companies like We Wash 24  in Seattle, WA allow you to schedule a laundry pickup via their app, then will return your order the next day. It’s far less costly than using a hotel service, plus it’s a lot less work than doing it yourself.

2. Use the Ziploc Bag Method

Economical and functional, the Ziploc bag method for washing clothes isn’t a perfect solution but will work in a pinch. Bring along a gallon Ziploc bag, add your garments and a little laundry soap, then seal the bag and massage your clothes inside. After a few minutes, unzip the bag, rinse your clothes, and hang to dry.

The main benefits of this method are its cost and convenience. A couple Ziploc bags hardly take up space. However, you’re limited to only washing a few small items at a time.

3. Hand Wash Small Items in the Hotel Sink

Every place you stay will have a sink, most of which will be large enough for a few clothing items. Clean the sink, then fill it with water and a little laundry detergent. Add your clothes, wash by hand, then squeeze and hang to dry.

This is another easy way to wash lightly soiled garments in a cost-effective way. However, heavier items like denim or heavily soiled items might need more than a simple handwashing.

4. Buy a Hand-Powered Washing Machine

A favorite among boaters and campers, a hand-powered or foot-powered washing machine takes care of business and gives you a workout all at the same time. Small, portable washers like the Wonderwash are excellent for small loads and don’t require any electricity to work. They use less water than conventional washing machines and take just a few minutes of hand cranking per load.

The caveat here, of course, is its size. This isn’t something you can put in a carry-on bag, so it’s best suited for car travelers.

Finding better ways to do laundry on vacation can be game-changing for the way you travel. Make better use of your time, save money, and enjoy a lighter load wherever you go! For more clean tips and insights, head back to our blog.

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