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Best Dating Sites And Apps For Real Relationships In 2022

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Ready to finally break free this summer and have some fun? Maybe you're looking for some no-strings-attached romance or want to meet somebody for something serious. 

Whether you need a love relationship, a date for a wedding, or somebody to connect with as a friend and lover, you need to read this article carefully. 

We've got the five best dating sites here with a little something for everybody. These sites cater to all people, men, women, and non-binary folks- you can all find what you need. So, feel free to chat, explore fantasies, and meet cool people using these dating sites. 

Read this article now to have a fun date this weekend!

Best Online Dating Apps 2022:

  1. Ashley Madison- Overall best dating match site for everyone

  2. Adult Friend Finder- Diverse love relationship app for match making

  3. Seeking- Premium searching site for the singles

  4. Elite Singles- Foremost relationship sites

  5. eHarmony- Leading dating app for men and women

Here are the details of the best online dating sites for singles. 

#1. Ashley Madison - Overall best dating match site for everyone

So, you're in a relationship. Maybe you're married, or your current relationship isn't working out. We don't advocate cheating, but sometimes, you must break free. (Or better yet, maybe it's an open relationship!)

Suppose that sounds like you; start with Ashley Madison. If you get our drift, they've been in business for 20 years, keeping things secret. So, you can break away from everyday romantic relationships' boredom and get something a bit spicier. 

This website is chock-full of attractive people, and you'll find it easy to find a partner. They've got 70 million users, and aside from people seeking quick affairs for a weekend, you can find people into the poly lifestyle- e.g., open relationships, polyamory, and so on.

It's a great place to explore dating fantasies and see what turns you on when dating. Some people have even found severe relationships here, so who knows? 

It's free for women to join, but men will have to fork over some money to make the most of the platform. However, it's worth it because they offer a quality online affairs experience and match. 


Signup Is Free: You can sign up for free on a dating site, and there's no need to provide your credit card to create an account. You can use the basic version of the Ashley Madison site for free. 

However, the free options are limited. It is a paid service, after all. Male users will want to buy credits to interact with other users on the dating site. Ashley Madison may cost more if you prefer to message many users. 

Disappearing Chat: Afraid your spouse or partner will see you’ve been chatting? They delete messages in the chat from the dating app, so don’t worry about deleting them. 

More Women: This site has more ladies than men, so get ready to meet many beautiful women of all shapes and sizes on the site. 

Credits: They use credits on this site instead of money, so once you pay for your credits, you don't need to worry about recurring charges showing up on your credit card and alerting your partner. The credit system is sound because it is cheaper if you buy it in bulk. 

Various actions require you to have a certain number of credits- for example, messaging a member costs five credits. Chatting with another user costs 50 credits, etc. You only pay for what you use, but it can get expensive if you plan to cast a wide net.

Currently, here are the price tiers for the dating site: 

Basic: 100 credits for $59

Classic: 500 credits for $169

Elite: 1000 credits for $289

Discretion: Since this site is devoted to cheating, they offer plenty of ways to keep your information private and hidden. 


  • Great if you seek an affair

  • Free to sign up in this dating site

  • Free dating app if you’re a woman

  • Great mobile dating app for iOS and Android users


  • This dating site has lots of scammers, so watch out.

#2. Adult Friend Finder - Diverse love relationship app for match making

If you want a friend with benefits, look no further than Adult Friend Finder. It's one of the most diverse and extensive dating site, and you'll find everything on this dating site from phone chats to in-person one-night stands. 

If you're a swinger, this is a great place to be, they've got you covered. Adult Friend Finder has existed for over 25 years, so trust them to get the best dating experience. 

This platform makes it easy to locate hot singles in your area (or couples, if you choose) that want to have dating. This dating site is free to register and create an account. You'll quickly find many open-minded people ready to date here. And yes, they cater to all fantasies!


Live-Action: Want to see some gorgeous models but don't care to go out? Cam models are doing their thing all hours of the day. These models cater to all dates, so feel free to show them some love with a tip. Men, women, trans folks, and others are modeling all day hours.

Gold Membership: The best thing to do in this dating pool is go for the gold. Gold Membership costs $15 per month, and they only take Visa, Discover, or Mastercard. This membership shows people online in your area, making it easier to start dating. You'll want to purchase a membership because you cannot speak with another member unless you are a paid member. 

You'll have to upgrade your account. Paid memberships allow you to use instant chat, read and send messages, add your friends, and enjoy other features. There are three premium plans to choose from when you are online here. You can choose as a per month, three-month, or annual membership. 

All Kinks Welcome: There are various chat rooms and groups to help you find people who are into the same stuff you love regarding date kinks and fetishes. You can count on this place to have the content you're looking for as you are dating. This app helps you find suitable quality matches from its vast network of members, and users can have hours of fun interacting with the members and getting to know each other.

More Men: If your preferred real partner is a man, this is the place to be. Unlike Ashley Madison, this app has more male members than females, great news for people who prefer men. 

App: Users are free to download the great AdultFriendFinder App using the App Store or Google Play. The app translates well and includes all the great features you expect from the website. It is well-organized and loads fast. You can watch live streams of the models, contact members, and look for dates- perfect if you're traveling and would like to date. 


  • You’ll find millions of users here

  • Around-the-clock customer care

  • Free registration

  • Open-minded user base

  • Great mobile app

  • Open to all date desires and fetishes


  • The dating app is full of distracting ads.

#3. Seeking - Premium searching site for the singles

Are you a professional looking for a young man or woman to sugar on and guide you to various events? Are you a young, attractive man or woman who wants a sugar daddy/mama? Seeking is the site you need to check on if that sounds like you. 

More women than men are found on this dating website, so if you're a professional who's into women, check them out. You're sure to get dozens of messages from young, beautiful women ready to exchange companionship for money.

There are 20 million active members across 139 countries, so if you seek an exotic beauty from another nation, she can be found here. Additionally, the best dating site is widely known among the prestigious community, featured in publications and broadcasts such as Wall Street Journal, New York Times, CNN, Forbes, and Huffington Post.


Fair Cost: You can get a free membership when you are using However, the options are limited when you opt for this membership. You will likely not meet anybody this way, so consider buying a membership. It's $20 per month, three months for $15 per month, and the Successful Members can purchase a membership for $90 per month. There's also a deal for the Successful Members at $80 per month for three months. 

There is also the Diamond Membership- it's $250 per month, but the membership's exclusivity makes it worth it. You get profile boosts and greater visibility in this app.

Active Community: This website has 20 million active members, so you'll find many chances to meet men and women in real life. The site first came about in 2006 and has a reputation for helping sugar daddies/mamas meet sugar babies. Women can join for free and use it as a free dating site. You'll love the VIP room for verified customers, two-factor authentication, and the complicated nature of the profiles. This dating sites includes when the person was last online, the join date, and the country of residence for that member.

Detailed Profiles: This sugaring website guarantees everyone knows what they're getting in real life. Every profile lists valuable information, including height, age, education, children, and relationship status. Additionally, they have many relationship statuses, such as "Separated," "Open relationship," and much more. Remember, this is a website where money is expected in some form for the relationship, so don't shy away from questions about your net worth and income!

Free to Get Started: If you are concerned about dispensing a boatload of cash to use Seeking just to get started, don’t worry about that. Some of you may have been scared off at the prices we mentioned earlier, but you don’t need to feel that way. You can sign up for free and learn how the site works first. However, you cannot contact members, which is the incentive to open your coin purse and pay up. 


  • Active community, somebody’s always online

  • Available in many countries

  • Their verification process helps fight scammers

  • Great site design, user-friendly interface

  • Excellent filtering and search functionality


  • Despite the excellent verification process, we still encountered a few bots and fakes.

#4. Elite Singles - Foremost relationship sites

Elite Singles is a site that caters to all the world's high performers. Those people are always on the grind, educated, and working hard. 

It is an online dating site for people well-established in their everyday lives who have reached the top of the ladder or devote their daily lives to the hustle and grind. These people don't want to mess around with mind games or play coy- they just want to meet people who work hard like them. 

The site tends to shy away from those in it for the game-playing. Sure, you could probably find a love relationship date here, but this site caters to those who are highly educated. It's a perfect place to go if you seek a professional single and want something serious about a match. 


Matches: Here, you'll find classic matches expected at an online dating site. They take the criteria you've provided and give you the help of eligible people that may be a good fit or match. The layout of this section changes with the times, but it's always been easy to figure out and is highly functional. Additionally, you'll see photos and ages of the people and their occupations. 

Searching: You don't search the usual way on this site; you must work around it. Click on the "Preferences" tab, and then change what you seek in a person. For example, you can search by age, height, preference of children, drinking and smoking habits, ethnicity, education, and religion.

"Have You Met": This site has a neat feature called "Have You Met?" It works similarly to sites such as Tinder- you'll get a group of people whom you can swipe along to see if you like them or not. You'll click a smiley emoji or an X (no swiping). 

Now don't go away thinking this is an external site- you see some information about the person and not just their photograph. And remember, you needn't be a mutual match to message somebody. Just send them a message saying hello if you are interested. 

Something for Everybody: Are you a senior looking for love? A man? A woman? Non-binary, LGBTQ? Then you're in for a great match here because they welcome all ages and genders. The senior site is set up to accommodate those who may not be as familiar with tech as their younger counterparts, and it works on all your favorite devices, such as tablets and laptops, even if you don't use smartphones. 

The LGBTQ preferences are as simple as specifying what you're looking for in the "preferences." Our only bone to pick was that you have to send a message to support if you want to change your preferences; it prevents heterosexual people from eyeing the competition. 


  • Thousands of successful singles are joining each month

  • Over 80% of members have higher education or certifications

  • They operate in the USA and over 25 other nations 

  • “Have You Met” is like Tinder, only better


Most Popular Stories

  • You cannot see photographs of members unless you upgrade to a paid membership

#5. eHarmony - Leading dating app for men and women

Are you single and ready to meet someone special? If that sounds like you, eHarmony is the best online dating site for serious relationships. We know the previous sites we've covered have been devoted to being rather promiscuous and finding love, but this site is for those of us who want a lasting relationship. 

The matching system is comprehensive and will help you get matched to the best person for your interests and desires. eHarmony is the real deal, and they make it easy to locate the one who shares many of your interests and beliefs. 

Did you know that every 14 minutes, somebody finds a match on eHarmony? Yes, that person could be you in the coming weeks if you get started. They've been in business since 2000, and maybe you remember their old TV commercials. They indicate that over 2 million messages a week are sent on eHarmony. 

They have areas on the site for everybody: seniors, LGBTQ folks, Christians, and even a free section. Using this site, you will find someone special to connect with as you go forward with your online dating journey. 


Compatibility Quiz: One of the most exciting aspects of dating with eHarmony is their famed compatibility quiz. Maybe you've heard of it before, and while we aren't going to post any of the questions (we don't want to spoil it for you), we would like to discuss how it goes. 

They'll ask extensive questions about your lifestyle, yourself, and what you seek in a romantic partner. But, of course, there's much more than that. First, however, you'll have to look at pictures, choose your favorite, and answer some off-the-wall questions. But trust the process because it works! 

Rest assured, it's not difficult, though. You might even find it fun.

Great Matches: The singles' profiles on the site are of excellent quality. They are highly detailed, and you can meet folks of all shapes, ages, sizes, ethnicities, and religions here. Additionally, they market their site to folks in the UK, USA, Australia, and Canada. With many diverse countries to meet people in, you're sure to find someone special. 

War on Fakes: If you've ever used an online dating site, you know there are tons of fakes and frauds on these sites. eHarmony does a stellar job of getting these fakers out of your way. Their signup process is extensive, but this gets rid of people looking to get on and scam others out of money quickly. 

"Smile": If you're back into the dating game after years and are unsure what to do or how to go about greeting somebody because you feel shy, use the "smile" feature. You send a smile to somebody to let them know you're interested- it's the easiest and least awkward way to strike up a conversation.


  • Tons of quality singles with detailed profiles

  • Interfaces for both desktop and mobile are clean and quick

  • Their matching system is highly successful

  • 2 million people and counting have found romance

  • Balanced stats of men and women- 51% MEN, 49% women

  • The video dating platform is available, perfect if you want to meet someone far away


  • Their free trial is limited, and you'll want the paid version ASAP.

Staying Safe on These Dating Sites:

Now that you’re filled in on the dating sites for 2022, it’s time to stay safe and date the smart way. Here are eight things you can do to make your online experience fun and enjoyable.

Go When You’re Ready

You may find that some matches pressure you into the meeting. They might aggressively ask to meet or say things like, "Don't care to meet up? Swipe left." Don't feel compelled to meet somebody until you're ready. The right person will understand that you need a little time to get a comfortable meeting in person. 

Dig Up Some Info

We've all heard jokes about "social media creeping/stalking," but it could help you relax in this case. Don't feel bad about looking up your date ahead of time on your social media platforms. You can weed out catfish and notice any red flags right away.

If your date has social media, it won’t hurt to do a little digging. Much better if you have mutual friends online. It is one way to make sure he is not catfishing. 

Alternatively, use Google to check his profile name, contact number, and email address. Most dating sites recommend using Pipl – a people-focused search platform that lets you execute a background check on someone. 

Inform A Friend/Family Member Where You’ll Be

When you agree to meet somebody on a dating app, make sure you tell a friend or family member where you're going and when you'll be back. A GPS locator app may be in order if you feel it is necessary. Find My Friends is one such solution. 

Meet In a Public Zone

When you first meet up, do so in a public area where many other folks are around. Do so during regular business hours. You can go to the coffee shop, restaurant, movie theater, or a fair for some examples. Stay in public for the entire span of the date, as it is unsafe to go back to the home of a person you've just recently met. 

Drive Yourself

Be in charge of your transportation for your date. Whether you drive, take the bus, or use Uber or a taxi, it's important to bring yourself. Have a rideshare app on your phone ready. While the idea of being picked up is a very kind thing for someone to do, especially with gas prices, you can leave when YOU feel ready, especially if things don't feel right. 

Remain Sober

If you meet up at a bar or a concert, it can be tempting to get a drink or smoke. However, don't do it this time around. Your goal is to be able to leave and drive yourself home if things don't go well. Moreover, intoxication hinders your judgment and could open you up to danger. So, stick to coffee, sodas, or tea on that first date.

Don't Dish Out Private Details

Online dating scams are a serious problem nowadays; look at the YouTube channel Catfished for stories of real people who scammed out of their money and their chance at romance. People of all ages fall victim to these scams, not just older folks. Do not give in to such scams. 

Never send money to anybody you don't know, or you've never met. Usually, scammers will speak to you and earn your trust, and then suddenly, they come to you with a problem asking for help. So again, don't fall for such scams. Report their profile and block them immediately. 

Leave It If You’re Uncomfortable

If at any point you feel uncomfortable during your date, feel free to leave. You don't need to explain yourself. Just excuse yourself and head home. So, it goes before the date, too. Trust your gut. Safety and comfort are your priorities. 

Let Your Instincts Decide

When we feel unsafe or uncomfortable being with someone, our instincts automatically give us an indication. Trust your gut. Don’t worry about being rude. Wind it up and set off. 

Unmatch, report, or block, however, you expect fit, to keep that person from accessing your profile or contacting you directly in the future. 

Go Home Unaccompanied

Never rely on your date for transportation. Have your own control so you can leave any time you want. No matter how tempting your date’s offer for a free ride, learn to say no. Remember that you are still getting to know each other. 

Block And Report Suspicious Activities 

Be aware that scammers ask never-ending questions, such as about your ideal relationship. Do not send money or agree to use your bank account by another person. These are red flag moments. Other examples of unpleasant behavior that you can report include offensive or harassing messages and shady profiles. 

FAQs: Online Dating Sites For Seekers 

How can I make my online dating profile interesting? 

Don't make it plain! Cliches such as "must love dogs" are just so overdone. Try to be honest and use humor when creating your profile. For example, you might say, "I'm a proud Aussie Shepherd owner… Well, I think he owns ME!" or something silly like that. The goal is to make others feel at ease when reading your profile. 

Moreover, keep your profile positive. The world is busy enough; nobody wants a negative Nancy in their life. 

Lastly, take some good, recent photos. Have a friend who's constantly posting selfies to help you. 

Make sure they are recent and accurate. It can be tempting to use that photo from five years ago when you were a bit slimmer and younger, but you'll feel better keeping it honest from the get-go. Plus, you'll find people who think the current "you" is attractive!

What are some signs of an online dating scam?

Romance scams begin just like any other best dating sites or online relationship. First, you begin exchanging a few messages, which turn into daily chats. The person feels like a good friend, and you look forward to seeing them daily. However, don't best millionaire dating get your hopes up just yet. There are some signals to watch for as you date. 

Firstly, you must be wary if they have no online footprint. Of course, some folks don't do social media, but most people have mentions in school or uni newspapers, a blog, local newspapers, or other indications they're genuine people. But if you can't find anything, ask them about it. 

Secondly, are they just perfect? They love dogs, know how to cook your favorite meal, and love the same movies you do? If everything seems too good to be true, watch out. The same goes for their looks. Can you be sure that's not a model's photo they stole?

Lastly, traveling for work and asking for money are two other red flags to watch out for as you date. Never, ever give money to people you've never met online. Western Union is often a popular method for sending money, and if they suggest it, block them.

What are some red flags for online dating profiles?

Firstly, let’s reiterate- if somebody asks you for money, block them and cut all ties. Never give money to somebody you’ve never met. 

Second, consider this a red flag if a person gives you a warning about themselves. It could be low self-esteem or dark humor, but if somebody refers to themselves as a sociopath or psycho, stop communication for your safety. 

Be wary of people who tell you “I love you” in a matter of days. This person may be moving too quickly, or it could be a scammer preying on a lonely person seeking a connection. Stay away from such individuals who aren’t taking it slow and getting to know you. 

Be wary of "love-bombing." Example? They're always telling you how beautiful you are. They ask if you've eaten and if you've slept well. They tell you you're the best and unique- all beautiful things you deserve to hear. While the person might be expressing themselves truthfully, it could also mean they're trying to date you into an unhealthy partnership. 

Why aren’t I getting any matches on online dating?

Blurry photos, leaving parts of your profile without information- this will all prevent people from writing or messaging you. You must get creative and provide stories or examples of what makes you awesome. Do you say you love to cook? Talk about your favorite dish. Do you love music? Talk about the last concert you saw. 

It can be tempting to curate the perfect photos but don't feel like you have to be an Instagram model. Unique pictures are more likely to get attention, so be yourself, and choose photos you'd love to show off, not the perfect ones. For example, a photo of you jumping off a diving board to display your love of swimming has more impact than a posed selfie.

How Can I Do Better at a Dating App? 

Start with a humble yet head-turning profile. Include a few pieces of information that will give candidates an idea of your personality, likes, and dislikes. Once you spot a potential match, don’t just sit there. Begin a conversation and try to get to know them. Don’t forget to have fun!

Are Online Dating Sites Expensive?

The answer to this question depends on the dating site that you opt for. Membership on some sites like Seeking has very costly membership plans, while others like Tinder are quite affordable. 

Therefore, depending on the kind of individual you're looking to date, you can sign up for a service that fits within your budget. Also, purchasing membership for longer periods on such sites (such as 1 year) can give you great discounts on your monthly membership fee. 

What Is a Good First Message?

This is mainly dependent on the platform you are on. If you are looking for a more dating experience, you may want to make a big impression right from the start, so they know what you are about. A simple 'hello' might not cut it, as you are trying to stand out against a large user base. 

On the other hand, if you're on a platform that is more oriented towards giving you opportunities for a long-term relationship, a simple 'hello' and introduction should work fine. You can talk about what attracted you to them on their page and try to break the ice through your common interests. 

Conclusion: Real Relationship Sites! For The League Dating

Thanks for exploring the best five dating sites with us. We hope you've had a good time learning about these sites. There's a little something for everybody on the list. You can find it here if you want a love date, a fling, or something serious. 

Just remember a few essential tips. Never give money you don't know, and always use good judgment when meeting your date in person. If you feel uncomfortable at any point, listen to your gut. 

Enough from us- we turn it over to you now. So, go forth and find some fantastic dates for this weekend!

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