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Halo Collar Vs. Spoton Virtual Fence: Which One Should You Grab?

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As a dog owner, you want to do whatever you can to keep your furry friend happy and healthy. Your dog's life and health are often at the forefront of your mind and that may mean keeping track of it while it's outside.

An electric fence is a great way to achieve that. Dog lovers may grimace at the sound of the term, but it's actually a virtual fence that responds to a special dog collar.

Today, we'll be comparing the Halo 2 Collar and the Spoton Virtual Fence. Both dog collars provide the functionality dog owners need to track their pets while maintaining some level of freedom. We'll be looking at features, pricing, and more, to help you decide which of these you should be looking to get.

Halo Collar Features


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We'll start things off with the Halo dog collar and explore the top features that will likely appeal to a potential buyer.

Activity Tracking


Position tracking is one thing, but the Halo Collar also sports a nifty activity tracking feature, which allows you to track how active the dog is. Exercise is a big part of a dog's life and as a dog owner, you want to know that it's getting enough.

This is especially important for dogs transitioning into their senior years or those that may be recovering from illnesses. Getting enough exercise is non-negotiable.

No Wi-FI or Wire Requirement

Before you considered the Halo Collar or Spoton Virtual Fence, you probably thought of other alternatives. In-ground fence posts probably seemed like a good option but the need to bury wires is very tedious.

The Halo Collar is a wireless fence in every sense of the word. Setting up your virtual fence on the app is all you need to do and the tracking feature will do the rest, showing you your dog's location and how much activity it's getting.

As you'll see below. GPS tracking is the protocol the system uses meaning you don't need to rely on Wi-Fi capabilities.

Tracking via GPS Signals


GPS location tracking is another pretty cool element of the Halo Collar. Setting up a virtual fence doesn't mean that your dog is always going to be within its boundary lines. The dog collar uses GPS signals to provide tracking functionality whenever your dog is outside the boundary area.

Some people are particularly concerned that their dogs will run away. If this sounds like you, then the Halo Collar is a great option to help you keep abreast of your dog's location for recovery purposes.

Different Boundary Options

Setting up the virtual fence using the Halo Collar works pretty well in terms of the way the perimeter system works. You're allowed 20 different boundary areas. That means you get some serious control over the placement of the fences. As time passes, you may find that you need to adjust the fencing and the Halo Collar allows you to do that at will too.

Now, your dog will always have a spacious and safe area to run around and play in!

Dog Size Independent

The Halo Collar needs to be able to fit on various dogs just as any typical dog collar would, which brings the concern of sizing into focus. Thankfully, it accommodates a broad range of neck sizes, meaning that a larger pool of owners can take advantage of this virtual fence.

Spoton Virtual Fence Collar Features


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This is a Halo Collar vs. Spoton Virtual Fence comparison, after all, so now it's time to look at what the Spoton collar has to offer.

Wireless Fence

The Spoton Virtual Fence collar, while boasting a wireless design, does not have the same requirements as a traditional wireless fence, which means no need to go digging up your yard. As is the case with the Halo Collar, mapping your virtual fence boundary is as easy as walking its length and setting it up.

GPS Tracking Feature


The Spoton dog collar also boasts a very accurate GPS tracking feature to help you stay on top of your dog's location at all times. It's a pretty accurate implementation too, which extends even beyond the confines of the Spoton GPS fence.

What this means is that you get two layers of tracking with the Spoton collar. There's the "internal" side of things where you can monitor your dog within the boundary lines. However, if your dog is outside the Spoton GPS fence, then the tracking feature will still be able to identify its location.

Dog Size Independent

Like the Halo Collar, the Spoton Virtual Fence allows accommodates different neck sizes in its collar design. This is more of a new thing though, as there was previously much less of a support range.

Whenever dog owners buy these kinds of things, there's almost always a concern about the size changes a dog goes through. Being able to track your pup with the Spoton fence is nice, but what about when the dog grows and its neck isn't so small anymore? Thankfully, the Spoton Collar will grow with your dog meaning you can save some money. Be sure to visit the official site for the best pricing and warranty. 



The Spoton collar implementation is also conducive to a highly customizable boundary area. Being able to map out the points of the fence and adjust them is one thing. However, you can have overlapping fences in your setup if you wish. Depending on how your space is set up, you may find that doing so gives your dog ample space to run around and explore.

Beyond that, this feature also means you can use the Spoton Virtual Fence for training purposes or to temporarily stop your dog from accessing a certain area of the property.

Pros and Cons


With the features out of the way, the next step of this Spoton Virtual Fence and Halo Collar comparison is to explore the pros and cons of going with each.

Halo Collar Pros


The Halo Collar offers the following upsides:

  • Intuitive setup process

  • IP67 rating for water resistance

  • 20 fencing options

  • No wires or reliance on Wi-Fi

  • Very lightweight and durable collar

  • Great battery life

Halo Collar Cons

On the downsides, the Halo Collar has the following:

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  • Collar and app can be on the expensive side

Spoton Collar Pros


The Spoton Virtual Fence pros are as follows:

  • Easy setup process

  • Easy to use

  • Lightweight collar design

  • Works well even with dense tree cover

  • Overlapping boundary lines available

Spoton Collar Cons

As far as cons go for the Spoton fence, bear this in mind:

  • Very costly to purchase



What do the Halo Collar and Spoton fence prices look like? We have that information for you too! Bear in mind that each model has a collar cost as well as a subscription plan requirement for the informational side of the service.

Halo Collar


The Halo Collar costs $999, and the cost includes a free trial of the gold subscription plan, which is covered below. You get a one-year warranty on your purchase, as well as a 60-day satisfaction guarantee.

Purchasing a subscription plan alongside the Halo Collar yields the benefits of activity tracking, training from Cesar Millan, and fence data storage. Your options are:

  • Basic plan - $4.49 monthly

  • Silver plan - $9.99 monthly

  • Gold plan - $29.99 monthly

A basic plan is enough for the essentials. Halo's silver monthly plan introduces advanced tracking as its main benefit, while the gold one offers premium training.

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Spoton Collar

Your Spoton collar is going to cost $1,495. You get a one-year warranty, as well as a 45-day money-back guarantee.

The subscription plans offered by the Spoton Virtual Fence are different from those of the Halo Collar since they're based on timelines and not classes. Note that the tracking feature requires its Verizon and AT&T cellular services. The plans are as follows:

  • Monthly - $9.95 monthly

  • One-year - $7.95 monthly

  • Two-year - $5.95 monthly

While a 90-day free trial is available, it only comes with a sign-up for the one or two-year plan.

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Head-to-head Comparison

This is the meat of the matter in our comparison between the Halo Collar and the Spoton Virtual Fence. When we put them head to head, how do they stack up against each other? The system we'll be using is pretty straightforward. There are several categories. For each of them, we'll speak on both providers, then indicate who wins based on their offerings.

Neck Size Accommodation

There's no doubt that either collar represents a pretty steep investment. Therefore, you'd want to ensure that you buy a collar that will stick around with you and grow with your dog.

The Halo Collar has a pretty broad range, running from 11" to 30.5". Spoton, on the other hand traditionally only offered large collars. Now, with the addition of the small collar line, it can accommodate 10" to 26" neck sizes.

We have to give the win here to the Halo Collar. Spoton's lower limit is lower than Halo's but that's only by 1", which isn't that much. However, the Halo Collar's upper limit exceeds Spoton's by 4.5".

Virtual Fence

The Halo Collar allows you to create 20 different virtual fences, which all turn on at activation time and all simultaneously turn off at deactivation time. On the other hand, Spoton allows for up to 1,000 fences with overlapping functionality. Additionally, each fence can be simultaneously activated and deactivated.

While it's very unlikely that you'll even exceed the 20 fences that the Halo Collar allows for, we'll give this one to Spoton for the more comprehensive design.



Both providers allow you to select from one of three subscription offerings. However, Spoton offers one feature set and charges its customers based on a time-based commitment. Your Halo Collar subscription, on the other hand, maintains a single price regardless of the timeline and bases its subscriptions on functionality.

We think the Halo Collar wins here, especially because the basic plan includes all the essentials you need. You shouldn't need to commit to more time to save and you should be able to only pay for what you need.

Training Program

Both the Halo Collar and Spoton Virtual Fence offer training programs to help you familiarize yourself with the systems.

As far as Halo goes, the real depth of its training materials that rely on a top-class trainer is locked behind the paywall of the gold subscription, while Spoton offers its training as an integrated part of the package. There are even 30-minute sessions with certified expert dog trainers.

We think this one is a tie. While Spoton initially offers more, the sheer breadth of the training materials that Halo offers makes it a pretty strong contender in this area. If your dog is in need of a more through training program check out our K9 Training Institute review.


There are a few elements to consider where performance is concerned. Based on customer feedback, while they're satisfied with the battery life on both sides of the fence, the satellite fencing technology seems to be a hit or miss. Both companies seem to have customers who love it and those who just don't.

Since none of the providers won out of the gate, the real measure comes in looking at what was done to address the concerns. Halo seemed to be the only company that listened, launching its Halo 2 in 2021 and its Halo 2+ in mid-2022. Chief among the improvements is the better accuracy and connectivity.

Based on the improvements demonstrated, we have to give the win here to the Halo dog collar.

Customer Service

To be fair, neither company has been around for a long time, so there's only a short-term outlook on the customer service element of things.

On both ends, customers have mixed reviews. The only real difference is communication channels. Both Spoton and Halo tech support offer phone, chat, and email support Monday to Friday. However, Halo also offers Zoom sessions for comprehensive troubleshooting, which gets it a slight win here.

The Bottom Line: Which Collar Wins?

We recommend the Halo Collar as the superior option. More specifically, we'd recommend that you purchase the Halo 2+ instead of the Spoton collar. Halo accommodates more dog sizes, has a Zoom support option, has considerably improved its performance, offers feature-based subscriptions, and has more comprehensive training.

If having more fences is the most important thing to you, perhaps only then would Spoton be a good buy.

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