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Moon Reading Latest Update – Ultimate Astrology Report 2.0

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Do you want to discover more about Moon Reading? Is Moon Reading a scam? Can it help you in making good decisions in your life?  

In this article, I will answer all these questions to help you decide whether you can trust the moon reading report.

If you don’t know your moon sign, you can:

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Life is complicated, and you have to make the right decisions at the right time. Correct decisions can bring happiness in your life, while bad ones can bring misery and failures. You can use astrology as a guiding light to help you make crucial decisions.

When it comes to astrology or horoscope, most people prefer checking their star (aka sun) sign.

Your star sign can help you discover the core of who you are, including your ego, persona, passion, and overarching values. However, the moon sign is a key player in the astrological profile.

Your moon sign can help you discover your emotions, anxieties, obsessions, longings, and true inner self. That’s why understanding your moon sign and what it represents can be an eye-opening discovery for you.

Brad and Jeremy created Moon Reading which claims to help you discover your true inner self and your deepest desires, fears, and thoughts.

We have done deep research about the Moon Reading report. If you want to know more about how this report can help you and whether you should buy a premium report, we are happy to share our findings.

Moon Reading – Key Points:

Product Name:

Moon Reading


Though Opera


Brad and Jeremy



Official Website:


What Is Moon Reading?

Moon Reading is an online platform launched by Thought Opera where people can get a free personalized video to discover their moon signs. This video reveals the role of each planet in your life and how they influence your emotions, desires, fears, and thoughts.

Two famous astrologers, Brad and Jeremy, are behind the creation of Moon Reading. They want to share their experience and knowledge so that people can use it to discover the deepest secrets of their personalities, relationships, and talents.

The main objective of this service is to help users discover their hidden talents with the help of astrology and the law of attraction.

Many people are praising this service because their premium report, Ultimate Astrology Reading 2.0, is not just accurate; it is damn accurate. This report is helping them in every aspect of life, from selecting the right career to making decisions confidently and improving their relationships with bosses, spouses, and other people.

How Does Moon Reading Work?

Once you visit the Moon Reading official website, you will ask to enter your zodiac sign, name, date of birth, country, state/province, and city of birth. This information will remain private and protected and will be used to create free personalized video reports.

Moon Reading contains advanced software that uses this information to generate a 3D interactive map of the solar system when you were born. Brad and Jeremy will also analyze this map and information to create a personalized video report. So, you should send accurate information.

This personalized video report reveals your moon sign and hidden talents and strengths. In short, this video report highlights your TRUE self and potential.

Moon Reading is getting popular on Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter because people are amazed by the accuracy of this free personalized video report. Some people even claim this video report is much more accurate than the information they received from their professional astrologers.

This Moon Reading personalized video report is helping people to make the right decisions based on their strengths and improve their careers, health, and relationships.

What Is Inside Free Video Report? An Overview of Ultimate Astrology Reading 2.0

People can get a FREE personalized video report from Moon Reading to discover their moon sign and hidden talent. While this free report is detailed but it is not full reading.

To discover your talents, weaknesses, life path, and personality, you can purchase their premium report, Ultimate Astrology Reading 2.0.

We don’t mind supporting people who put their energy and efforts into building the program to help others. If you trust astrology and feel you can benefit from full reading, this report is the best option.

An Overview of Ultimate Astrology Reading 2.0

The price of Ultimate Astrology Report 2.0 is $30, and once you buy it, you will get an email containing a receipt and a link to the members’ area to download it. The email also confirms this is a one-time payment and no monthly subscription, which is a good thing to have in writing.

The Ultimate Astrology Report 2.0 is a comprehensive 50-page report containing full reading about your astrological profile, sun, moon, planet, and advice. This is a pretty impressive report and even calls you with your name.

You don’t need to be a professional astrologer or have deep knowledge about astrology to understand this report. This report is written pretty clearly; anyone can understand it as it doesn’t contain many astrological terms.

Here are the topics covered in this premium report:

  • Your astrological profile

  • Your elements

  • Your purpose

  • Your ascendant sign

  • Your inner planets

  • Your modes

  • Your moon phase

  • Love and relationships

  • Career and job opportunities

  • Your outer plants

  • What stars tell about your future

Along with this report, you will also get meditation audio tracks. These audios contain binaural beats and frequencies to release stress from the body and retune your subconscious mind. These meditation audios can increase creativity, focus, memory retention, and cognitive enhancement.

Click Here To Order Ultimate Astrology Report 2.0 From The Official Website

Who Are Brad And Jeremy?

As mentioned above, Brad and Jeremy are behind the creation of Moon Reading. However, our research team deeply analyzed their background to find if they are real humans and have any connection with astrology.

Jeremy David and Brad Lundahl are two best friends, and they got years of experience in astrology and horoscopes. They were helping people transform their lives through Whatsapp, Telegram, and other messaging apps, but then they decided to put their service on the website so that more people could connect with them.

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Brad and Jeremy are also the founders of a customized manifestation program called ThoughtOpera.

We also discovered several online articles and verified profiles that proved what they are. Jeremy has also provided his personal email inside the members’ area so users can ask any question directly to them.

Main Features of Moon Reading

Here are some of the unique features of Moon Reading:

3D Solar System Map:

Moon Reading uses advanced software to generate a 3D solar system map based on the information provided by the user. Then, one of the professional astrologers will use this map and other information to prepare a detailed report.

This 3D solar system map is interactive and reveals the placement of the sun, moon, planets, and stars at the time of birth. Moreover, this map contains information about each planet and its role in your life.

Brad and Jeremy take privacy seriously and use 128-bit encryption to protect users’ data and information.

Personalized Birth Chart

Birth chart (aka Natal chart) contains detailed information about planets at the time of birth. It is the most important astrology tool as astrologers use this chart to understand the personality and advise accordingly.

Along with the planet placements, birth charts also include information about the sun, moon, and stars at the time of birth.

While several online services can create your birth chart, they usually don’t contain anything about moon signs. Moon Reading is different as the birth chart created by the advanced software provides information not only about your planets but also about moon signs.

This way, Moon Reading can help you discover your inner aspects like soul, desires, and emotions.

Meditation Audio Tracks

You will also get meditation audio tracks when you purchase their Ultimate Astrology Reading 2.0. These audio tracks are:

  • Wealth and Abundance Manifestation Track – It combines binaural beats, rhythms, and specific frequencies to awaken your mind and attract wealth and prosperity.

  • Miracle Moon Tone – It uses a 528Hz frequency to renew your mind and body. Learn more about this frequency from Midas Manifestation.

  • Meditation Masterclass – It provides techniques to promote relaxation, calm, and mental growth.

Brad and Jeremy provided these meditation audios because they know the importance of combining meditation with astrology. Meditation and astrology work together because you will make better decisions in your life when you are focused.

These meditation audios contain binaural beats to remove negativity and retune the subconscious mind to attract more money-making opportunities in your life.

When you start hearing two different frequencies at the same time, your brain will receive a new frequency that is called binaural beats. Several studies tell us these binaural beats reduce stress, fear, and other negative thoughts while increasing creativity, focus, mood, and cognitive abilities.

Click Here To Download Ultimate Astrology Report 2.0 + Bonuses 

Can You Trust Moon Reading?

According to the Moon Reading official website, more than 29,000 people have purchased their premium report, Ultimate Astrology Reading 2.0, and they are satisfied with the information they found in it. Moreover, many people are praising it on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.

However, we understand it is still hard for many people to decide if Moon Reading is a trustworthy service, as many scammers and fake astrologers are just there for the money.

It is completely fine and recommended to take some more time before making your buying decision. We went through a free Moon Reading personalized video report, and we were amazed by the accuracy of the information provided in it.

That makes us start trusting them!

However, it was a 60-day money-back guarantee that made us purchase their premium report, Ultimate Astrology Reading 2.0. We are satisfied with the information we get in this report.

Additionally, don’t forget you will also get three meditation bonuses that make this whole package worth buying and trustworthy.


Brad and Jeremy were selling Ultimate Astrology Report 2.0 (Grand Master Edition) for $159, but recently they decided to reduce the price to $30 to ensure more people benefit from this service.

Click Here To Get Latest Pricing and Discount On Ultimate Astrology Report 2.0

You can now obtain a full moon reading report and free meditation bonuses by paying a one-time $30. Moreover, this little investment in your future is protected with a 60-day money-back guarantee. Within 60 days, if you are unsatisfied with the information in this Moon Reading report, you can email Jeremy and ask for a refund.

For your information, the refund rate is very low (< 2%), which shows people like Moon Reading and are satisfied with the information they received inside Ultimate Astrology Report 2.0.

Final Few Words:

People are using astrology as a tool to predict events, understand themselves, and communicate with other people in a better way.

Moon Sign is one of the important astrological features, but still, many people don’t know about their moon signs. Western astrology underestimates the importance of moon signs while they are considered a major astrological feature in Hindu astrology.

Moon Reading by Brad and Jeremy is an online service that can help you discover your moon sign and how it influences your daily life. It can help you to discover your hidden talents, understand people around you, and live a happier and healthier life.

Once you complete reading your personalized Ultimate Astrology Report 2.0, you will realize you have discovered something essential about yourself. You will understand your weakness and strengths, and if you dig deep, you will even find why you selected this way to live your life.

Ultimate Astrology Report 2.0 is the updated version, and it contains vital information about moon signs, sun signs, ascending signs, and the placement of planets when you were born. This report provides vital advice on health, money, relationship, and lifestyle and dispenses suggestions to deal with negative aspects of your sign.

Finally, you will go from not understanding yourself to fully becoming aware of your decisions, the way you think, the choices you make, your purpose, your strengths and weaknesses, and much more!

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