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The Best International SIM Card: Nine Great Options for Staying Connected Overseas

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Your vacation is booked, your favorite outfits prepped, and you can already feel those holiday vibes taking over, but what about your international SIM card?


Overseas data and roaming costs can be eye-watering if you don't plan ahead- not to mention the importance of staying connected to a reliable network in emergencies. A pre-paid SIM is the best way to avoid exorbitant fees and questionable connections wherever you go, but what one to pick?


Here are nine highly recommended options for traveling overseas that are sure to make your next trip a little bit easier and more affordable. You can spend all the money you save on living your best international life! Just dont forget to renew your passport!


Top Nine Pre-Paid International SIM Cards


1. OneSimCard: The Best Overall International SIM Card


Product Overview:


·  Countries Covered: Up to 170

·  Primary Service: Data, calls, and texts combined

·  Cost: Four SIM options with varying costs, depending on the area and plan ($9.95-$34.95)

·  Biggest Benefit: Excellent coverage and a reliable connection

·  Biggest Downside: Free incoming texts and calls only from European numbers


OneSimCard is arguably the best choice of international SIM cards of them all. As the first card on our list, it gets things off to a great start, with versatile plans and prices and an excellent global reach.


There are four SIM options.


Universal SIM provides users with strong, stable connections in 120 different countries with free incoming calls from European numbers and special reduced rates for outgoing calls. It offers daily, weekly, and monthly data plans with impressively low rates.


The e-SIM World is pretty similar to Universal SIM but with no physical card. It is downloaded onto the phone (unlocked phones only) to create a dual-SIM network.


Expedition SIM is a little more expensive but reaches a whopping 170 countries. Users get two phone numbers and Wi-Fi calls and can use the device as a hotspot.


Lastly, OneSimCard has a specialized product for even better rates in Asia and Oceania. The e-SIM Asiana is perfect for a trip to the East, with exceptional connections and excellent prices.


Whatever option you choose, OneSimCard comes with live customer support and no hidden roaming charges. Avoid nasty surprises and even nastier bills with an industry-leading provider you can trust.


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2. TravelSIM: The Best Overall International SIM Card on a Budget (Highly Recommended)



Product Overview:


·  Countries Covered: 170 (135 with free incoming calls)

·  Primary Service: Low-cost zone bundle deals

·  Cost: e-SIM plans from $5, standard SIM plans from $10

·  Biggest Benefit: Additional 1GB free data when you buy 3GB

·  Biggest Downside: Credit top-ups are less cost-effective than pre-paid plans


Budget-conscious explorers who like to take the road less traveled: look no further. TravelSIM is a cost-effective and well-connected call and data plan designed to make off the beaten track a little more on the grid.


There is a lot to love about this provider, but it shines brightest with its flexible bundle deals that unlock high-quality coverage in the areas you need it the most. Pre-paid plans last a year before expiring, which is handy for gap year expeditions or frequent flyers. You can easily add more credit on the go, but it is a slightly more expensive way of doing it.


Roaming charges are killer in many dream destinations, but TravelSIM can reduce them by 90%! 4G internet connections and the ability to stay in touch with loved ones while on the road have never been easier- or more affordable. TravelSim is featured around the web with great reviews and the top of all the lists such as SF Weekly’s Best International Sim Cards.


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3. Keepgo: The Most Reliable Data Connections



Product Overview:


·  Countries Covered: Around 100

·  Primary Service: Data-only plans

·  Cost: $8-$64 per month

·  Biggest Benefit: 4G connections and big-name partnerships for the ultimate reliable connection

·  Biggest Downside: One of the more expensive options


Unstable connections are frustrating at any time, but right in the middle of your vacation or business trip when you need to get online? Yep, that’s the worst! With Keepgo, you can forget about that risk and just enjoy your time overseas.


Keepgo works in partnership with some of the best-known network providers in the world- including T-Mobile, Vodafone, O2, and AT&T. These collaborations put the connection security and stability on offer into a league of their own. Even locked phones can connect to one of these international data SIMs.


Data-only is the name of the game here, so it is not the right choice for someone who wants to make calls from abroad using a phone number, but it is perfect for social media and Wi-Fi calling. Choose from a card or e-SIM then set up your plan.


There is a lot to love about this international SIM card provider, but we should highlight two things.


Firstly, Keepgo caps spending at $64-worth of data per month, after which data becomes unlimited at no additional cost. That means that no matter what happens, you stay connected without breaking the bank. Speeds slow down after 30GB, but you can still count on a decent connection.


Secondly, Keepgo ships its SIM cards free of charge to anywhere in the world- so everyone can benefit from the services offered.

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4. Surfroam: The Best Pay-As-You-Go Option


Product Overview:


·  Countries Covered: Around 200

·  Primary Service: Simple pay-as-you-go data coverage

·  Cost: $45 (promotions often available)

·  Biggest Benefit: Incredible global reach

·  Biggest Downside: Inferior coverage quality unless you go PRO


Sometimes simple is best, and no international SIM card keeps things more straightforward than Surfroam. The pay-as-you-go account model lets people add what credit they want, whenever they want, and they have an entire year to use it. People who travel far and often are sure to enjoy the flexibility it provides.


Each country has its own rate, but they are all pretty similar and very low. The credit can only be used as data- no phone number is provided by Surfroam. What it does provide is freedom and flexibility around the globe with reasonable connections and reliability. That said, upgrading to the PRO account option makes a significant difference in terms of coverage quality.


It may seem like a pricey option, but the cost includes a $20 credit to get you started. All in all, Surfroam is an easy pick as the best pay-as-you-go SIM card for international travelers.


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5. KnowRoaming: The Best Unlimited Data Plan


Product Overview:


·  Countries Covered: 125

·  Primary Service: Unlimited international data plans

·  Cost: Range from $4-$80 depending on the plan

·  Biggest Benefit: 30-Days free WhatsApp with every top-up

·  Biggest Downside: Internet speed reduces after 250 MB each day


KnowRoaming is a Canada-based provider that specializes in top-quality data plans in more than 120 countries around the world. The impressive range of plans all come with a basic data allowance and a US phone number, and users can add funds and features through the online website or app.


Clients can choose between an e-SIM, a physical SIM card, or a SIM sticker that goes over the existing cards in their phones. Each one opens international texts and calls at drastically reduced rates, mobile hotspot capabilities, call-forwarding, and more.


The pre-paid data plans usually come with a time frame, for example, a 30-day contract that should be renewed regardless of how much of the data remains unused. Pay-as-you-go options cost a little more but last longer-nine months, to be exact.


People love the flexibility KnowRoaming provides- particularly in Asia- and it is a highly recommended choice overall.


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6. GigSky: The Best Short-Term Data Plan


Product Overview:


·  Countries Covered: More than 120

·  Primary Service: Data-only plans for up to 30 days

·  Cost: From $9.99 to $74.99

·  Biggest Benefit: Affordable deals for short trips overseas

·  Biggest Downside: Some countries cap data allowance at 1GB


If you are just popping away for a brief vacation or short overseas business trip, a monthly contract or long-term plan may not be necessary. Instead, you could hook yourself up to GigSky for professional, reliable, and affordable network coverage for up to 30 days.


Plans are based primarily on the length of time, with daily options available. From there, it gets pretty flexible. Choose from a regional or non-regional package depending on your itinerary, download the app, buy the SIM, and get set up from there!


GigSky’s best product is the e-SIM option, which has easy installation, more access, and better-priced plans. Please note that the e-SIM service is only available on recent smartphone models. The iPhone XR, XS, or newer support the e-SIMs, as do the latest Android devices by Samsung, Apple tablets with LXE support, and models released by Google since the Pixel 3.


If you have one of these devices and want the best service for a short time, GigSky is one worth considering.


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Most Popular Stories

7. SimOptions: The Best International SIM Card with the Most Countries


Product Overview:


·  Countries Covered: Around 200

·  Primary Service: All-inclusive data and calls

·  Cost: $24.90-$34.90 price range

·  Biggest Benefit: Tailored pre-paid plans for specific countries

·  Biggest Downside: Coverage is not as good as some other providers


SimOptions could be the best-known international SIM card provider out there- and for good reason. Although Europe is its number one stomping ground, it works with network providers in almost every country in the world. Services include low-cost plans for local and international SIMs, great bundle deals, and even travel accessories for your phone.


One of the best things about SimOptions is the sheer variety of plans on offer. They range from local call and text plans to international data bundles- all at competitive prices with plenty of perks. All the plans are pre-paid.


This would probably take the number one spot if it wasn't for the feedback about the connection reliability in some areas. Other SIM providers can beat this when it comes to roaming performance, but it is still a great choice.


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8. Orange Holiday Europe: The Best SIM for Europe


Product Overview:


·  Countries Covered: All 30 European countries (plus free calls and texts globally)

·  Primary Service: Data-only roaming

·  Cost: $49.90

·  Biggest Benefit: Zero roaming charges in Europe and free calls everywhere

·  Biggest Downside: Limited to 14 days


Staying in Europe for now, Orange Holiday Europe is certainly worth a mention. Your European vacation just got easier, thanks to this near flawless coverage plan by popular phone network Orange.


Across 100% of the continent, clients can automatically connect to stable and reliable internet connections without additional costs. On top of that, you can enjoy unlimited free texts and calls to the 30 countries included in the plan- plus two hours of free international call time and 1000 SMS messages to anywhere in the world.


Unfortunately, this is a limited plan that lasts for 14 days. If you are planning to soak up the iconic city sights and sunny beaches for a while longer, you may want to look at something a bit more long-term. It is not the cheapest option- by any means, but it is definitely a winner for a quick continental getaway.


If the allure of Rome, Paris, Berlin, and beyond is calling you, then maybe you should be calling Orange!


>>Best Alternative - TravelSim - Check Latest Promos Here<<


9. Three Mobile: The Best Simple International SIM Card


Product Overview:


·  Countries Covered: More than 70

·  Primary Service: Basic phone and data use from overseas

·  Cost: £2 ($2.50) per day in Europe, £5 ($6) per day worldwide

·  Biggest Benefit: Call the UK as much as you want at no extra cost

·  Biggest Downside: No streaming or hot spotting


Three Mobile is a UK-based phone network that includes a travel package in all its contracts. It is not exactly a major player in the international SIM card world outside of Great Britain, but it has earned a mention on our list.


The Three Go Roam package is primarily designed for UK customers planning to travel overseas who want to stay in contact and use their phones as if they were at home. It also works for US customers and is particularly useful for someone who has reason to contact the UK regularly, for personal or business purposes.


Anyone can sign up for the SIM online without inputting much personal information, and data plans kick in automatically when you connect in one of the countries on the list. The daily charge is deducted automatically then use is unlimited for the rest of the day.


Usage is fairly basic right now, but the package is still quite new and likely to develop further.


>>Best Alternative - TravelSim - Check Latest Promos Here<<


Things to Consider when Choosing an International SIM Card: Buying Guide and Other Frequently Asked Questions


As you can see, there are a lot of choices out there with pretty varied features and benefits. Picking the right plan can be tricky, but it helps to focus on your main priorities and go from there. All nine of the service providers highlighted in this list are perfect choices for somebody, but what one is right for you?


Below, you can find our expert buying guide to take you through key considerations, then a few frequently asked questions for more information about choosing and using an international SIM card.


Buying Guide


International VS Local SIM Cards


Local sIM cards are great if you are going to spend a long time in one place. SimOptions is the best provider of local SIMs on this list, but you could also consider buying locally once in destination.


If you are moving around or have multiple trips to various places planned, then an international SIM card makes more sense. This will save you money in the long run and removes the hassle of getting set up on a new SIM every time you go to a new place.


Get The Best Internation Sim Card here: Best Available Price


Pre-paid VS Pay As You Go


Pre-paid packages tend to be more cost-effective in the long run since they bulk buy the maximum allowance at a better rate. The benefit of pay as you go is that you don't waste anything- and you only pay for what you use.


If you are not all that phone-reliant, you may be better of with a simple pay-your-way plan. Surfroam is the top choice in this case.


Most people these days see their phones as an extension of their hands and are likely to spend a lot if they pay as they use. Pre-paid is probably a better option!


Data Packages VS General Credit


If you don't plan to make calls or send texts then you don't really need a full SIM card. Instead, opt for a data-only plan that can maximize your credit use for what you want. Of course, if calling is essential, don't make the mistake of buying a SIM with no number. Otherwise, you are only getting half the package you actually need.


OneSimCard does it all and is the perfect choice for full phone usage on international trips.


Data Limits and Costs


How much time do you spend online? If the answer is A LOT, you should be wary of daily data limits or overall usage caps. If you are using a pre-paid international SIM card, pay attention to the charges per MG to avoid running out of credit much sooner than expected.


If you spend a lot of time online and plan to stream videos, consider an unlimited plan. Keepgo is arguably the best option for heavy data usage since it caps charges at $64 but allows for an impressive 60GB each month. That is a lot of screen time!


Expiration Times


Some plans- Three Mobile, for example- are ongoing plans that you pay monthly- and they never expire, but others have a time limit. GigSky is a great choice for someone going away for a few weeks, but it is no use for a six-month vacay.


Always consider how much time you intend to spend overseas and leave plenty of wiggle room to cover delays and detours along the way. Some providers let you store pre-paid credit for up to a year (TravelSIM is one of the best here), but others render it unusable in a shorter time.


Included Countries


It should go without saying that your travel itinerary has to play a big part in your decision. There is no point in choosing Orange Holiday Europe for a trip to Barbados! Think about where you are going and for how long, and pick a plan that has reliable coverage in that area.


Many SIMs on our list work in most of the world, but you should always check the specifics. If you are planning a gap year or extended expedition and don't know for sure everywhere you will visit, pick one that covers the most ground.


Check out The Latest Promotions and Specials on the top sim cards: Best Available Price


Frequently Asked Questions


Is it safe to use a pre-paid international SIM card?


Yes, it is- if you pick one of the reputable providers on this list. If you are interested in additional security, consider installing a VPN on your device.


Can I top up my international SIM if I run out of credit?


It depends on the provider, but in most cases, yes. Usually, you should have access to a website or app where you can manage your account and add more credit.


Do international SIM cards one on network-locked phones?


Many of them don’t, but some do. Always check with the provider and your phone network to be sure.


Are there other ways to stay connected overseas without spending a fortune? 


You may be able to connect to Wi-Fi during your trip, but it is not a reliable way to stay connected and keep your information protected. Cybercrime is on the rise, and tourists connecting to free Wi-Fi are number one on the hit list. The cost of recovering from fraud or getting lost and disconnected in a foreign country is much higher than simply buying an international SIM before you travel.


Where can I buy an international SIM card?


Most vendors operate online. You can either download an e-SIM directly to your device or arrange a delivery.


The Bottom Line on International SIM Cards


After comparing many leading brands and respected providers, OneSimCard takes the prize in our eyes as the best international SIM card. It offers versatile plans to suit every budget, includes calls, texts, and data for a reasonable cost, is easy to set up, and offers excellent customer support.


Having peace of mind during an overseas trip is essential for a top-quality vacation, and OneSimCard truly provides it.


TravelSIM and Keepgo are close runners-up. TravelSIM wins in the budget-friendly category by a landslide and is our top choice for backpackers and adventure travelers. Keepgo is for all the data heads out there who are not complete without their internet connection!


Whatever choice you make, remember to consider your itinerary, priorities, and budget. Don’t get caught out for something so easily avoided. Plan ahead with an international SIM card and have the best time on your next trip overseas!


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