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Tyent Water Ionizer – My Personal Experience and Review

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This Tyent Water Ionizer review uncovers the best way to get alkaline water at home. When it comes to having alkaline water or plain water, many people are beginning to learn about the many benefits of ionized water. However, people need a machine to help them with their water goals at home.


Luckily, Tyent has made a water ionizer that people can use. That is why I brought this machine home with me to test it out, so you don’t have to. If you want to learn how the Tyent can help you, continue reading below.



Best Tyent Water Ionizer Reviews


  1. Tyent ACE-13 Above Counter Extreme Ionizer – Best Available Price + 7 Free Gifts

  2. Tyent UCE-13Under Counter Luxury Collection – Professional Grade Stainless Steel

  3. Tyent H2Hybrid Above Counter Hybrid Ionizer – 1st Ever Alkaline Hydrogen Hybrid Ionizer


We were luckily enough to try several different Tyent water machines and we loved the benefits of having alkaline drinking water at home. Here is a list of our favorite Tyent models and the pros and cons of each.  


#1 Tyent ACE-13 Water Ionizer (Highly Recommended)



One of the first products from Tyent that I want to talk about is the Tyent AE-13. This has to be the best of all the ones I tried. It does help that it was rated as the best ionizer in 2020. What stood out to me was this system's features and that it can remove contaminants between .05 and five microns.


This ionizer is one of the newest ones to come out of Tyent, but its many features and upgrades make it one of the best. It sat on my counter perfectly and didn’t take up much room. I also liked that it’s eco-friendly, which makes me feel good about helping the environment.


There are many innovative features, but the Water Quality Selection and Motion Proximity Sensor are two of my favorites. It also comes with alkaline and acidic water pre-settings, so I didn’t need to worry about it too much.


After researching, I learned that having enough plates in an ionizer will significantly affect my water. This system has 13 platinum-coated titanium plates. I knew that it was going to catch everything.


Recently, I found an upgraded SMP Plus power source, which would have been a good thing to have at the time, but the one I have already worked perfectly. When it was time to see the flow rate, I was happy to know that it could produce half a gallon of water in a minute.


Another feature I tested was the flood prevention system. There was no way that the system would overflow with water because the sensor works phenomenally. I used many tactics to try and trick the system, but it outsmarted me every time.


Moreover, there is a feature that lets me customize the pH levels of the water I want. This was perfect because I knew my friend's wants might not be what I liked. It was a quick change on the touchscreen in the Settings application.


Also, since it has a 75-day trial period, I knew that the company wanted to ensure that I picked the right one.




·  The sleek design will save you counter space.

·  There is a touchscreen for convenience.

·  You can customize your water pH levels.

·  The flood prevention sensor works.

·  There is a lifetime warranty attached.




·  The warranty is not applied to any country outside of the United States.

·  It might be too pricey for some.

For a limited time if you purchase a Tyent Water ionizer for the official site you will qualify for the latest promos and 7 free gifts!



#2 Tyent UCE-13 Plus



This system was one of the first of its kind regarding features. When it came out, it was the first ionizer to have a Motion Proximity Function, so there was automatic water flow. This was incredibly useful because I wouldn’t need to press anything to get the water I wanted into my glass.


Since plates are essential to ionizer machines, I was also pleased to see 13 solid-mesh titanium plates in this product. The ionization process would be completed correctly and properly with this technology.


It might seem daunting to install this product, but it was straightforward! All I needed to do was plug the machine into my kitchen faucet, which was ready to go. After that, the touchscreen was the only thing I pressed, and it was easy to use.


When I continued to snoop around the product, I saw that there were two powerful water filters. This ended up helping to remove 99.99% of contaminants, which brought me a lot of peace of mind. If you want something that will eliminate toxins, this is an excellent option to think about.


Also, it did have many of the same features as the ACE-13, which was good for me because I wasn’t confused about how to use the product. Everything worked the way I expected, meaning I could have ionized water all day.


Lastly, the automatic cleaning feature worked wonders. Since it was cleaning out a lot of toxins and contaminants, I was worried about getting my hand in there to clean it myself. Instead, the feature ensured that the machine stayed clean!


However, I should probably open it to clean it by hand every once in a while, but I know this feature will help for a few months.




·  The LCD makes it easy to change the settings.

·  There is an eco-mode setting to help save water.

·  The Motion Proximity Sensor made refilling any water bottles a breeze.

·  There is a setting for automatic cleaning that works.

·  It was easy to install.




·  It can only go on your counter.

·  Some people might think it is too expensive.


#3 Tyent Alkaline H2 Hybrid Ionizer



The other product from Tyent that I looked at was the H2 Hybrid. It’s another excellent product from the company, and it comes with a dual filtration feature and other intelligent features that help eliminate up to 99.99% of toxins in the water.


Another helpful point of this product is the self-cleaning feature. When I needed water quickly, I didn’t think about whether this machine was clean enough to continue after using it for a week because I knew about the self-cleaning service it completed.


If you want potent water, this machine will give it to you because it combines hydrogen and alkaline water. This will help you reach your health goals in no time because you won’t need to have different machines on your counter anymore.


The Twin Cell Technology is brand new and has never been used before in the industry; this machine is one of a kind. Basically, it has an electrolysis chamber with a dedicated hydrogen cell.


It will come with settings already punched into the system, which I found helpful because I didn’t need to worry too much about it. The dual filtration system got rid of many different contaminants that were in the water beforehand.


When it came to loading, it was easy to figure out because it quickly loads from the front. I needed to change the filters eventually, but I didn’t find it difficult. The carbon and TM-ceramic filters can be bought online, making it easy to get my hands on.




·  The intuitive touchscreen has a multi-color backlight.

·  Tyent has put in the molecular hydrogen boost, which this company has a patent over.

·  There are multiple languages for voice guidance, which is good for many people.

·  The dual filtration system is robust and ready to keep all the water safe and sound.

·  There are three alkaline levels, two acidic, and one hydrogen level.




·  This is the most expensive product from Tyent.

·  Some might think that replacing the water filters might cost too much.


About Tyent USA


Like anything, you need to learn about the company before purchasing a product. The business focuses on making high-tech equipment that will make alkaline water. Tyent specializes in filtration and ionization, which makes me believe this would help me reach the health benefits I’m looking for.


Where Are Tyent Ionizers Made?


These ionizers are made in Korea, so most of the accreditation is Korean. Tyent doesn’t want people buying ionizers from China or Taiwan, but the company says that the best ones are made in Korea and Japan. This is because it is believed that alkaline water comes from these places.


Most Popular Stories

Luckily, Tyent knows that there are many customers in America, so the customer service team works hard to ensure that everyone can understand each other. There is also a design team that makes each ionizer.


How Long Has Tyent USA Been Around?



When buying anything, I like to purchase my products from a company that has been around for a substantial number of years. This is because something is comforting in buying things from a company that knows what to do,


Tyent has been around for over a quarter of a century in Asia, showing me that this is a company many people trust. You can see some other detailed reviews such as the Tyent Review by Daily Collegian or the Mecury News Tyent Water Ionizer Review


Something Interesting: You Can Use it to Filter Water, Too


It’s always the best feeling when you purchase something with multiple uses. The Tyent’s ionizer can be used as a water filter, a great way to save on counter space. There is a multi-stage filtration system in place, which will eliminate hundreds of contaminants in the water.


The Many Benefits and Features of Tyent USA Exposed


When it comes to drinking acidic water, picking the right product will make a difference. Acidic water benefits your health because it can promote weight loss, increase your energy, help you achieve radiant skin, boost your immune system, and help you recover faster after exercising.


There are many benefits of using Tyent, and they all intertwine with the features it provides.




·  There is an advanced dual filtration media.

·  The processor is impressive and made well.

·  There is an automatic shutoff, which will prevent it from overflowing with water.

·  The voice service will tell you what to remove and when to change the filter.

·  With a powerful LCD touch screen, you can access all the system preferences you need.

·  There are more than 50 power-setting adjustments thanks to the SMP Plus technology.




·  There are many potential health benefits when you use a product from Tyent.

·  The filtration system is powerful, so your water will be clean in no time.

·  Changing your tap water into alkaline water is environmentally friendly.

·  Since the machine lets you customize the pH level, you can choose how alkaline you want your water to be.

·  You will taste how alkaline is better because there are fewer contaminants and toxins.

·  All of the products at Tyent are certified to meet environmental and international health and safety standards.


Tyent vs Kangen: What Makes Tyent Different from Its Competitors?



Many ionizer brands are out there, but not many will be as good as Tyent. The flat surface when using a Tyent is larger than every other surface area in the ionizer industry. Also, the machine has been made with mesh titanium, making it strong and reliable for your needs.


When you choose Tyent, you know that the company can provide you with a flexible payment plan. This alleviates any pressure to buy the product outright from the beginning. The EasyPay program gives you many budget-friendly options, which is why people will enjoy this aspect of paying.


If certifications are what you’re interested in, you should be impressed with the many credentials the company has received. It has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, and there are 18 certifications under the name.


The dual filtration system will remove more than 200 toxins and contaminants, keeping your water clean. Tyent experts will also be in touch with a report stating what is in your water. This is great knowledge because if it is in your water, it might also be in your family’s. Also, the team will use this data to ensure that your system has been customized to filter the water.


When it comes to plat technology, you will want something that is the best. This is because alkaline water machines use this component the most since it is what ionizes the water. Tyent uses between 11 to 13 solid plates, making the device able to ionize even the hardest water out there.


Lastly, the lifetime warranty is an excellent addition to any system. You won’t find the warranty changing depending on the machine you buy, which is helpful because it doesn’t pressure you. Also, they all come with a 75-day trial period, which will give you more than enough time to ensure that this is the right ionizer for you.


Honorable mentions:Hydroviv Water Filter and Frizzlife Water Filter


What Are Some Things You Should Consider Before Buying One?




You need to think about the problems you have with your water at home. If you know that the pH levels and purity levels in your water are not good, then you need to have a product that will work as intended. Many people have been raving about these products because they work.


There are many problems with drinking water full of toxins and contaminants, but when you have some that are clean and drinkable, you’ll feel the health benefits. Having your body nourished with natural antioxidants from the system is just another plus to having it on your counter.


The Ideal Customer


You should think about whether you’re the ideal customer or not. The person who will benefit from this purchase is a health-conscious individual. Having the healthiest water in your system is the best way to ensure that you look after yourself correctly.


Some Tyent Ionizer FAQs


1.Where Are Tyent Machines Made?


These machines are made in Korea, which is why many accreditations are in Korean. This is because the company has openly commented on the ionizers from China and Taiwan by warning consumers not to purchase them.


The company believes that the best ionizers have been made in Japan and Korea because these two countries are considered the forebearers of alkaline ionized water. However, it does not matter where the product is made because most customers are in the United States.


That is why the company has created a customer service team in the US, so people will have a chance to speak to someone in the same time zone. There is also a design team in the US, meaning they consider the US water system when creating these products.


2.Is Tyent a New Company?


Tyent is not a new company. This business has been around for nearly a quarter of a century, meaning it is one of the longest-operating companies in the ionizer industry. The company has been serving Japan and Korea for many years, but people in the US don’t need to worry because there are American dealers around.


These dealers will ensure that every person in the US can purchase the right ionizer for them and their home.


3.Can It Really Filter Water?


Some people don’t want bottled water all the time, but they want to filter their water instead. This can be easily done with a Tyent system because it has been made with a filtration system that will work.


Many Tyent products have a multi-stage filtration system, which will help remove everything from medicines to pesticides. Since there are so many toxins in tap water, it must be addressed at all times.


4.What Do I Need to Consider Before Buying a Tyent Ionizer?


You need to consider a few things before purchasing an ionizer from Tyent. These machines are perfect for people with many issues with their water at home. Having the right pH levels in your water will ensure that you only allow the best stuff into your system.


Also, this system has a lot of natural antioxidants to help produce the purest water for every person. That is why health-conscious people should look at getting a system that will provide them with the benefits they’re looking for.


Since there are three great systems on this list, any of them can help create the water you need for your situation. If your on a budget check out the Hydroviv water filter featured on Shark Tank. We have a full Hydroviv review for you to learn more. 


5.Who Is the Ideal Customer?


The ideal customer is someone who knows about the benefits of having alkaline water during the day. This is how they will get this into their system easily, and they don’t need to worry about purchasing more plastic water bottles.


Also, people who want to help save the environment will enjoy the fact that this is an eco-friendly way to clean your water without adding to waste sites in America.


Tyent USA Coupon Code - Conclusion


To get the best available pricing and all the available gifts you want to visit the Official Site.


The Tyent ACE-13 Water Ionizer is my personal favorite, with the Tyent UCE-13 and Tyent H2 Hybrid being our next runner-ups.


This comprehensive review has shown you the three popular machines that Tyent has made. With this information, you can make an informed decision about which one you wish to purchase. Each ionizer has unique benefits, but they will give you the health benefits you want.


However, everything mentioned on this list is an upgrade from the Tyent UCE-11, which means you will get the best product on the market. It’s time for you to have the clean water that you deserve.

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