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Viviscal Review How to Grow Hair Fast! Viviscal Hair Growth Before & After, Results, Side Effects, Dosage

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Several hair supplements are currently on the market, but Viviscal is one of the most widely used ones. A range of products made by this company is intended to help men and women maintain lustrous, long-lasting hair. They offer two main products: hair supplement Viviscal and Viviscal for Men.

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The question is, though, do these hair-growth products actually work? What is the effectiveness of these supplements compared to taking vitamins for hair, skin, and nails? Would there be a better, less expensive alternative out there? 

To find out whether Viviscal worked as advertised, we examined the ingredients, compiled a list of Viviscal pros and cons, and read thousands of reviews on the product. We will ensure you understand everything you need to know about these supplements, from their key ingredients to the price per bottle. 

Interested in a hair growth supplement that really works? Take a peek at our complete round-up of Viviscal reviews and data if you are looking for one that will fit your needs. The more you learn about this hair supplement, the more you'll know if it's the right one for you. 

I would like to start by asking what exactly it is Viviscal, and what do we expect it to accomplish? From the ground up

, let's take a look at it.

Besides sharing my thoughts on the supplement, I will also share my experiences with it at the end. Stay tuned, so you won't miss anything.

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Viviscal: What Is It?

Viviscal aims to improve women's hair health, while Viviscal for Men is the company's slightly different supplement geared towards men's hair health. The medicine is accessible in tablet form and can be taken twice per day orally.

A drug-free supplement, Viviscal, is marketed as a solution for women or men experiencing thinning, damage, or slow hair growth due to hormonal changes. This formula is believed to supply your body with all of the essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that your body needs to maintain optimum hair growth and health.

In addition, this hair loss treatment brand is manufactured by the same parent corporation responsible for Arm & Hammer, OxyClean, and many other hair loss treatment brands. One of their primary products is a hair loss supplement, a combination of vitamins, minerals, botanicals, and collagen that can help treat hair loss.

There are several products they offer, including:

  • Nutritional supplements

  • Hair conditioner and shampoo

  • Elixir for densification

  • Accessory items for hair care

As far as Viviscal's product lineup is concerned, it is quite straightforward. Compared to other nutritional products available on the market, their supplements are quite expensive. Moreover, they contain a much lower dose of most ingredients than their competitors' products. I still think they may be worth a try for some people if their dosage is appropriate for them.


How Do Viviscal Work?

A blood vessel linked to a hair follicle feeds the hair and allows it to grow healthily. It is claimed that Viviscal supplements boost the nutrients delivered from the scalp to the hair follicles. Viviscal, a company specializing in hair growth, explains that there are four stages involved in hair growth:

Anagen: In the anagen phase, a hair spends between two and seven years in this state, determining a hair's length during this stage.

Catagen: During catagen, there is an interim phase that lasts for approximately 10 days. As a result of this shrinkage, the hair follicles partially separate from the dermal papillae during this period.

Telogen: This refers to the period it takes for older hair to reach the telogen stage of its growth cycle, which lasts about 3 months. During the resting period of the old hair, new hair grows. Excessive shedding can occur when the hair enters this process too soon, causing noticeable hair thinning and bald patches.

Exogen: It refers to the extension of the resting or telogen phase of the hair cycle when the old hair is disconnected from the follicle and sheds off while the new hair continues to grow.

During the growth cycle of a hair, no two hairs exist at the same time in the same stage. According to the manufacturer, the supplements have been proven to extend the time a strand of hair spends in the growing or anagen phase. There is a tendency for the duration of the anagen stage to decrease as people age. The shorter the growth cycle, the hair has less time to grow thick and strong.

A study from 2015 indicated that certain nutrients, like those found in Viviscal supplements, regularly contribute to the healthy growth of hair. Women with thinning hair may benefit from these nutrients by increasing hair production and decreasing hair loss.

In addition, studies have shown that supplements containing marine-derived proteins and fish oils can lessen the volume of hair loss by females, but they do not promote hair growth in them. Based on the findings of a 2019 review, vitamins and minerals play an imperative but obscure role in the development of hair follicles.


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What Are The Claims Related To Viviscal?

Having said that, what are the effects that Viviscal is claiming to have on hair? Getting a better understanding of what Viviscal can be used for thinning or slow-growing hair isn't a difficult task. According to the company's website, several research trials have been conducted on their product.

The following results were found in those researches in terms of user experience: 

  • In terms of hair growth, users saw an increase of 32% in the number of hairs on their head

  • There was a 39% reduction in hair shedding experienced by users as a result of using this product

  • In 92% of the cases, users have noticed an increase in the thickness of their hair

  • Three months can be enough to give you thicker hair

  • There has been clinical evidence to show that regrowth of hair can be achieved

With the help of Viviscal hair growth supplements, it is claimed that significantly more hairs can be grown on the head (scalp coverage), shedding can be reduced, and the overall thickness of the hair can be increased by only three months. The product promotes the regrowth of hair in areas where the hair has thinned or stopped growing entirely. 

However, on the Viviscal website, under all these claims, there is a statement bolded that says that the Specific results are not guaranteed, and results may vary.

These claims are so intriguing because they seem so promising that you may be attracted to them. That's what we thought, too! Let's take a closer look at the Viviscal review and look at this product's ingredients to find out more.

This will allow us to determine whether or not the ingredients have been proven in research studies to improve the health and growth of hair. In the next section, we will look closely at some ingredients.


What Makes Viviscal Different From The Other Hair Growth Supplements?

To determine how effective Viviscal may be, you should learn about its ingredients and make an informed decision. To determine whether each of the key ingredients in our product is effective in growing hair and reversing hair loss, we must investigate clinical and scientific studies. 

The more we examined different studies, the more we discovered that Viviscal has been subjected to a wide range of clinical trials, which we were surprised to find. Many different tests have been conducted to determine the effectiveness of a supplement as a whole, rather than just one or two of its ingredients.

That is a remarkable accomplishment. It is relatively rare for hair growth supplements to pass such a standard of medical scrutiny, which is why you shouldn't stress about it. The ingredients that are used in the formulation of Viviscal are what make it such an effective medication. This is assuming that what the clinical trials and studies indicate is accurate. 

Vitamins and minerals can be imperative in preventing hair loss and thinning as they are meant to correct underlying deficiencies. In fact, some of them are commonly used natural remedies for baldness. In addition, they maintain a patented ingredient mixture that can be found only in Viviscal. Viviscal supplements contain the following key ingredients that make them so valuable.


Viviscal Ingredients:

AminoMar® Collagen Complex:

It is Viviscal'spatented, proprietary combination of ingredients that have been proven to be effective in preventing hair loss. This collagen complex contains various anti-aging ingredients, including marine collagen derived from sharks and mollusks, horsetail plant extract (which is loaded with silica and helps strengthen your hair), and acerola cherry extract with high-rich biotin, vitamin C, and zinc.



A water-soluble nutrient called biotin, also known as vitamin B7, plays a key role in synthesizing proteins in the body. A number of amino acids in the human body are synthesized by this vitamin. A number of studies have found that biotin is one of the most significant components of hair growth, especially since hair consists mostly of protein.


Vitamin C: 

Vitamin C's role in hair growth cannot be overstated. Vitamin C is, without a doubt, a powerful antioxidant. Combined with the mineral iron, it makes sure that there is a proper blood flow to the scalp and follicles. Thus, it ensures an adequate blood supply. 

Moreover, the effects of vitamin C on hair growth are beneficial. This is because it is proven to make iron more readily absorbed from foods and supplements and help reverse iron deficiency's effects on hair growth.



There is a common belief that hair growth supplements usually include iron because iron plays an active role in hair growth. The body needs iron to distribute oxygen to all body parts, including the scalp and the hair follicles. This is necessary for the health and strength of hair growth. Several studies have shown a correlation between hair loss and iron deficiency.  



As a necessary mineral for developing new hair, zinc plays an instrumental role throughout the body, including in hair follicles. The Viviscal for Men formula is the only one that contains zinc.


How Effective Is Viviscal?

Even though Viviscal can reduce hair loss, it is not a magic pill that can make your hair grow to Rapunzel lengths overnight. As an alternative, Viviscal is an effective treatment that has increased hair length in most users.

Furthermore, it is critical to understand that everyone's health is different. Depending on the patient, Viviscal can be a successful treatment, while for others, it may take a while to see results. The key to achieving success is to be patient and consistent.


Viviscal Reviews Before And After From Many Customers:

We'd like to look at the opinion of real Viviscal customers and see how they feel about this product. Viviscal for Women reviews and Viviscal for men expressed satisfaction with how it increased thickness, reduced shedding, and improved overall hair health. 

For this study, we decided not to take reviews straight from the Viviscal website. This was to get a more accurate analysis of how users evaluate Viviscal's effectiveness from a more unbiased perspective. Our focus was instead on the Viviscal reviews before and after on other websites like Amazon to better understand how this supplement works for people who use it. 


Viviscal Reviews Amazon

The overall rating of Viviscal on Amazon is impressive, with a 4.5-star rating based on over 12,500 reviews. Listed below are the top positive and critical reviews that have been written about the product.

Marcia S:A Viviscal customer named Marcia S reported that she lost a lot of hair after taking steroid medication for about three months. The thick hair loss was depressing since she had always had thick hair. A dermatologist prescribed it in conjunction with biotin and Iodoral. Over the past year, her hair has grown thicker than ever... as long as this routine works, she won't change it.

Jeanine Knowlton: Another Viviscal customer shared her experience with Viviscal as well. She stated that she didn't think this would work because all the other products never performed. After just a few weeks, she started seeing sprouts, and she had a lot after three months. She further said that the image of her six months later looks like she's wearing a fuzzball. In her front hairline, the bare spots gradually filled in. Her husband, who never notices anything, asked, "Is your hair thicker now?" Currently, she is on box number two. She said that she would continue using this. She highly recommends this product.

GSD Mom: Another customer gave Viviscal 3 stars, saying she thinks Viviscal really works. The treatment definitely helped her thinning hair, and she noticed new growth. Unfortunately, after taking this for 6 weeks, she started experiencing dizziness. She did not attribute it to Viviscal initially, but after researching it, she discovered that it is a side effect not listed on their label. Over two weeks have passed since she stopped taking it, and all symptoms have disappeared. She further said that although everyone's situation is different. She also warned to be cautious if anyone begins experiencing anything unusual.

Here's A Summary Of The Viviscal Reviews on Amazon

There are thousands of Viviscal hair growth reviews online. What's the general consensus? Viviscal pro reviews have received over 8,700, with more than half being five stars - about 70% of the total reviews for Viviscal! The majority of Viviscal men reviews, as well as women, are positive (4 or 5 stars), and about 84% are favorable. 

Viviscal tablet reviews are often praised by users as significantly reducing shedding and enhancing thickness and scalp coverage. In addition to reducing shedding, it also fills in areas that are thinning or balding and adds length or growth to hairs.

We were glad to see many people got the results they hoped for after taking Viviscal's supplement. This is basically the claims Viviscal makes about this supplement. 

Moreover, it is noted that in the reviews of Viviscal users who weren't happy with it, things such as dizziness and nausea were mentioned a few times. These were followed by an ineffective product, an off-putting tablet taste, and a large tablet size as reasons for not liking the product.

We have noticed that some of the lower ratings mentioned that the user was not using Viviscal correctly for the length of time recommended by the manufacturer. In their case, this is because they didn't take two medication tablets daily, which is also suggested. 

In some cases, it may be that some of the lower reviews are caused by the product being used improperly.

Viviscal tablets have been reported to cause dizziness and nausea in some users. Therefore, we suggest you check with your doctor before taking the supplement in case these side effects happen to you. 


My Viviscal Experience

In the past, my hair was thick, long, and naturally curly. Throughout high school, I had beautiful hair. In my early twenties, I never dyed my hair.


It wasn't long before I discovered hair straighteners, box dye, curling wands, hair extensions, streaking, hair relaxin, hair rebonding, and everything else ultra-damaging and ultra-drying. Throughout my twenties, I put a lot of work into my hair and let it endure all those years.

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Now that I am in my 30s, I'm a young adult. I guess with the stress of creating a strong career, maintaining my fitness, having a social life, looking stylish in rose gold, and self-care with bath bombs and red wine.

As time passed, I noticed my hair was starting to thin out. Following styling, there seemed to be more hair on the floor in a fluffy pile. In addition to being on my head, it could also end up in the shower drain.

There was a noticeable thinning of my hairline, which was almost disappearing. Whenever I grew my hair beyond my shoulders, it would break and look like straw at the end of the day because it was grown so steadily.

Everyone gave me advice like using castor oil, relaxing, taking B vitamins, exercising, doing yoga, etc. Among all these suggestions, a friend of mine suggested Viviscal. For my hair's sake, I am prepared for anything. Perhaps because my vacuum cleaner and shower drain seem to contain more hair than I do.

I wasn't always consistent with taking my Viviscal supplements. I adhered to my regimen approximately 4-5 times a week throughout this 6-month experience. Guess what? The results STILL came through, and others noticed them.

In the shower, I noticed the most noticeable difference. My first sign of shedding hair was in the shower drain. I also observed Viviscal results in my shower drain when I first spotted them. It's now rare that I see hair stuck in the drain or on the floor, and I only see a few hairs in my hairbrush. Moreover, I have experienced less shedding between my haircuts and fewer "spooky" and "strawy" ends.


What Is The Viviscal Price?

Viviscal offers a lot of options, so it can be confusing. Optionally, you can subscribe to the simple or premium auto-delivery service with additional products or buy one product at a time. 

  • Single one-month supply = $49.99

  • 3-month supply on auto-delivery = $39.99/month 

  • Premium 3-month supply on auto-delivery = $46.66/month 

Every bottle contains 60 tablets. Choosing the auto-delivery option will also give you six free gifts. You can choose from the following free gifts:

  • Densifying Elixir in full size

  • Pillowcase made of satin

  • Hair mask with hot oil

  • Case for pills

  • Brush for detangling

  • The perfect travel bag

  • Scrunchies in velvet

  • A variety of hair clips

  • Hair ties that are tangle-free

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What Are The Viviscal Pros and Cons?

The Viviscal reviews we read have shown what the users liked about Viviscal and disliked. I've listed some Viviscal pros and cons of each of them, so let's put everything together in a nutshell. 


Viviscal Pros:

Proven to work clinically: 

Viviscal has been proven to work effectively to boost the number of hairs, the scalp's coverage, and the hair's thickness. This has been shown by several clinical studies. Although there hasn't been any evidence that hair growth increases with Viviscal, many users have expressed their pleasure at their hair growing faster when taking it. 


Thinning areas are filled in: 

As a result of Viviscal treatment, dormant follicles in areas of thinning hair can be "waked up" and can begin producing new hair again. One study found a rise in the number of hairs in a thinning zone from 271 to 571 in 3 months.


Results will be visible in 3-6 months: 

Viviscal says that you will see results by the third month, but many users have stated that they have seen results sooner. The number of shed skin cells may be reduced within one month of consuming Viviscal, and you may even notice the decrease within two months. 


Easy to take: 

Taking Viviscal is not difficult; all one needs to do is take 2 tablets daily, which is easy to follow and not too difficult. Nutrafol, for example, requires the user to swallow four capsules daily to achieve results.


Excellent reviews: 

The feedback people have left on Viviscal has been overwhelmingly positive, which is always a good indicator of the quality of the product. Viviscal has been highly rated by its users, with 84% rating this product as highly satisfactory (4 or 5 stars), indicating that users obviously like and love it. 


Discounts available: 

Although Viviscal is not as affordable as some hair supplements on the market, it is still more budget-friendly than others. Getting a one-month supply costs you $49.99, but if you sign up for auto-delivery, you will also receive discounts and freebies.


Viviscal Cons:

High monthly cost: 

It has been reported that many users have complained about the price of Viviscal in their reviews. You need to understand that if you end up loving the results, you will have to pay $50 a month for the long-term future. You can imagine how quickly that adds up!


Not 100% organic, but drug-free: 

Some hair supplements contain 100% natural ingredients, but Viviscal isn't one of them. Viviscal is made from a wide range of natural ingredients, but there are still some that are not sourced from nature. 


It's not vegan: 

In Viviscal, you will find an exclusive collagen complex called AminoMar, composed of collagen derived from shark cartilage and ocean snails. Therefore, it is certain that this product is not vegan in any way. 


It's not an overnight miracle cure: 

There is no doubt that Viviscal is effective for boosting the number of hairs, increasing hair thickness, and decreasing hair shedding. However, the drug is not an overnight miracle cure. A few people do not experience regrowth in balding spots with this product, and it does not work immediately in all cases. Real results can be seen after 3-6 months of using the product.

These are just a few of the advantages and disadvantages we have gathered during our intensive research process. All people may not be affected by either the pros or the cons. 

Nevertheless, we believe it is crucial to include both positive and negative feedback from real users in our reviews to offer a well-balanced review.


What Is The Most Affordable Alternative to Viviscal?

The benefits, advantages, and disadvantages of Viviscal have also been examined, as Viviscal reviews customer reports from real users. It is a very expensive product, costing about $50 per month for a bottle of this supplement. It is not uncommon for most reviewers to be willing to spend money on the product.

The thing is...

If you are searching for a medication that will allow you to get similar results at a much lower price without breaking the bank, there is a much more affordable alternative to weigh. 

There is a product called Har Vokse that is also a natural hair growth supplement that you can buy.

This capsule form of the product has excellent customer reviews and comes in a bottle. With Har Vokse, your hair will grow longer and healthier. You will find essential vitamins and minerals required for hair growth, making your hair thicker and fuller. What could be better than that? Compared to Viviscal, it is about half the price.

It has been highly recommended by many of our readers. It makes sense to read about Har Vokse before you spend $59 a month on Viviscal, as we believe you will be happy with the results. There is no doubt that you will be glad you made a choice.

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Final Verdict To Viviscal

If you read real-life hair supplement Viviscal reviews, you probably wonder if you should consider using this product. I recommend this product to people who experience hair thinning, flatness, slow growth, and most importantly, a healthy individual. Only if you suffer from any health issues or are taking other medications. We recommend that you consult your doctor before using this supplement.

Choosing a treatment should be based on your health and physician recommendations. But, Viviscal can be a worthwhile product to include in your daily routine. However, if you are concerned about taking it, consult your healthcare provider before doing so.

Despite all that, we are a big fan of Viviscal since it is relatively inexpensive, contains healthy ingredients, and has a lot of positive reviews.


Frequently Asked Question:

Q1: Are there any Viviscal side effects?

Viviscal Professional has no serious side effects. The side effects of this hair restoration method are generally mild and manageable if you take them with a meal. Here are some potential side effects:

  • Nausea

  • Skeletal issues

  • Allergic reaction


Q2: Can I take Viviscal with other vitamins?

It is safe to take both Viviscal and a multivitamin simultaneously since they contain ingredients that are different from each other.


Q3: Does Viviscal cause constipation?

You may experience abdominal pain, diarrhea, or constipation due to taking this medication. In most cases, these side effects are mild and will disappear once your body adjusts to the medication.


Q4: Will Viviscal supplements interfere with medications? 

Whenever taking dietary supplements, it is necessary to consult your doctor before taking them along with any other medication.


Q5: Is Viviscal Safe for color-treated hair?

It is safe to use Viviscal on color-treated hair.


Q6: Is Viviscal effective for nails?

You will notice that your overall nail quality will improve as soon as you take Viviscal. With stronger nail beds, your nails will be less prone to breaking, so they can stay healthy.


Q7: Is Viviscal estrogenic?

Viviscal is free of hormones, drugs, and industrial by-products in other products. Therefore, it is not considered to be an estrogenic product.


Q8: Does Viviscal contain collagen?

A proprietary collagen complex is used in Viviscal Hair Growth Supplements to aid hair growth and prevent hair loss.

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