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The Daily encourages its readers to submit original content to positively contribute to conversations on campus. The Daily shares the UW's value for diversity, and it strives to represent all voices on campus in addition to those of its staff. Members of the UW community, including students, organizations, staff, faculty, and alumni, are welcome to share their unique perspectives with The Daily via submitting editorials and letters. All guest content is published online on Fridays. Questions and comments regarding the submission process can be sent to Opinion Editor Madelaine VanDerHeyden at Letters to the Editor are most commonly written in response to Daily articles, though other letters are also welcome. Letters should be fewer than 250 words in length. Letters must include the author's full name, contact information, and UW affiliation (anticipated graduation year and department for students; department and position for faculty and staff; and graduation year and degree for alumni). The Daily does not publish anonymous letters. The Daily reserves the right not to publish any letter.

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