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The Husky Media Group is a student-run public relations newsletter that publishes sponsored and unsponsored content tailored to the students at the University of Washington. The goal is to provide students information about on/off-campus resources available to them and provide resources a place to advertise their information to students. Husky Media comes out with quarterly guides: fall Major Guide, winter Housing Guide, spring Career Guide, and summer Orientation Guide. They also produce the annual Visitor’s Guide.

Lago di Braies
Martina Povolo

Managing Editor

Lago di Braies
Lucy Hopkinson

Photo Editor.

Lago di Braies
Asad Tacy


Lago di Braies
Emma Aiteli


Lago di Braies
Lihi Chizik

Writer, Husky Media Group.

Lago di Braies
Niv Joshi


Lago di Braies
William Crockett


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