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These questions have been submitted by UW students in response to a poll put out by @smirk_uw

Q: How competitive is the Foster School of Business?

A: Each year, between 550 and 650 students are admitted to the Foster School of Business, accounting for 30-50% of the total applicants. Applicants are admitted on the basis of an index score that consists of three weighted factors: combined GPA (worth 40%), pre-admission GPA (worth 25%), and Writing Skills Assessment Score (worth 35%). Those with the best index scores are admitted. The most recent batch of admitted students, who will start Winter 2021, had the following scores:

Average combined GPA: 3.69

Average pre-admission GPA: 3.89

Average Writing Skills Assessment Score: 4.25

To learn about applying to the Foster School of Business, visit:

Q: How competitive is the law, society and justice major?

A: Unfortunately for prospective students looking to ensure their admission, the measures employed by the LSJ office of admissions are much less objective than those used by the Foster School of Business. That said, the LSJ department website states that applicants are chosen on the basis of their academic record and application essays. Important qualities for applicants are an aptitude for social sciences, strong communication skills, and interest in the academic topics and social issues discussed in LSJ classes.

To learn more about applying to the LSJ major, visit:

Q: How do I virtually declare a major?

A: Check out our article on virtually declaring your major!

Q: How competitive is the biology major?

A: The UW biology major is competitive and capacity constrained. That being said, Janet Germeraard, the Director of Undergraduate Academic Services for the biology department, told us that the admission rate is very high. The application process consists of three short answer questions, as well as GPA in relevant coursework. Students are normally only rejected because they either fail to answer all of the application questions or have exceeded UW Satisfactory Progress.

To learn more about applying to the biology major, visit:

Q: How do I get a job as an English major?

A: Despite the stereotype, a degree in English lends itself to many viable career paths. The bigger problem for many English Majors is option paralysis. The skills that English majors develop in the process of getting their degree, such as writing, editing, critical thinking, and analysis, are valuable in nearly every industry and role. UW alumni who majored in English have gone on to work in a diverse array of fields, with business, media, government, and education being the most common.

For a comprehensive guide to careers for English majors, visit:

Q: Is there any reason to major in a nontechnical field in 2021?

A: Check out our interview with Dean Robert Stacey on the value of non-stem majors!

Q: How do I change my major?

A: To change majors, start by speaking with an advisor in either your current major or the major you intend to switch to. This advisor can become the initiating advisor, who will designate all departmental signatures required to process the change. From here, the initiating advisor handles the rest. After all designated recipients have signed the form, you will receive a copy for your records. The process is complete once the initiating advisor submits the completed form to the Registration Office.

Q: Are minors competitive?

A: The short answer is no. Any UW student who has earned at least 45 credits and declared a major may declare a minor. There are no departmental admission requirements for minors, except for entrepreneurship which is capacity constrained and requires an application.

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