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It’s no surprise that compared to other colleges in Washington (cough, WSU) UW takes first place. We’ve won the Apple Cup enough times to figure that one out.

But how do UW’s programs compare to other schools nationwide and globally?

Since 2009, the ShanghaiRanking Consultancy has been the official publishers of the Academic Ranking of World Universities. The group determines their ranking based on their evaluation of a number of criteria including quality of education, quality of faculty, research output, and per capita performance.

For the 2020 year, there were over 1,000 global universities that were a part of the ranking including the University of Washington.

According to these rankings, the UW is ranked 16th globally and 13th nationally compared to all universities. The ShanghaiRanking Consultancy also went into detail about specific majors in their Global Rankings of Academic Subjects list for 2020.

Here are the programs at the UW that are ranked in the top 10 for their respective fields:

Oceanography: 1st nationally, 1st globally

Atmospheric Sciences: 2nd nationally, 2nd globally

Public Health: 3rd nationally, 4th globally

Dentistry and Oral Sciences: 3rd nationally, 4th globally

Education: 7th nationally, 7th globally

Biological Sciences: 7th nationally, 8th globally

Clinical Medicine: 7th nationally, 10th globally

Business Administration: 8th nationally, 10th globally

Finance: 10th nationally, 10th globally

These categories are named according to the Global Ranking of Academic Subjects website and are not necessarily how they are named at the UW.

For more information on the Global Ranking of Academic Subjects as well as other UW subjects ranked in the top 50 globally (there are 34!) visit their website.

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