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Our Story

Since 1891, The Daily (known as The Pacific Wave until 1909) has been the award-winning student newspaper of the University of Washington. Currently, The Daily puts out a print paper every Monday and publishes online seven days a week. Any current UW Seattle student can join The Daily's team of writers, editors, photographers, illustrators, videographers, designers, podcasters, and advertising representatives.

As a student-run newspaper, staff members learn effective communication and how to manage teams and their own schedules in a business environment. They also learn the responsibilities linked to the great power inherent in the Fourth Estate regardless of whether they continue in journalism or evolve into politicians, public servants, or business people.

The Daily is one of the most awarded college newspapers in the United States, having placed at or near the top in several national and regional contests over the years. At the 2010 National College Media Conference, The Daily earned the Pacemaker for General Excellence, Best of Show, Story of the Year Editorial/Opinion, Story of the Year Diversity and Multimedia Story of the Year. Most recently, The Daily was awarded the 2018 SPJ awards for breaking news reporting and in-depth reporting.

Mission & Values Statement

First and foremost, The Daily’s aim is to train and employ students as journalists, writers, photographers, videographers, podcast hosts, editors, and leaders in a developing media landscape. It’s a space to try new things, return again and again to the skills that were once unfamiliar, and to learn how to collaborate with peers in creative and pragmatic endeavors.

The Daily as a whole is committed to serving the UW and U-District communities with journalistic integrity, transparency, and openness. Within this commitment comes a responsibility to produce high-quality local news coverage and to think critically about the stories we are telling and whose voices we are centralizing. The stories that we tell aim to provoke conversations around topics that matter in our community.

In Numbers


Daily alumni have gone on to win Pulitzer Prizes.


different sections within The Daily: five written sections, six media sections, five supporting sections, and an ads team.


articles, videos, and galleries published on during 2020-21 academic year.


made by The Daily's advertising team in the 2018-19 school year.

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